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Student Conduct FAQ

Feel free to review the following items if you have questions regarding the student conduct process. If you have a question that is not answered here, please call our office at 325-942-2047.

  • How do I file a complaint?

    A complaint, or “incident report,” can be filed against any student, student organization or member of the university community. A student, faculty member or staff member may file a complaint by completing the Incident Report form.

    Individuals may file an anonymous report; however, it may hinder the conduct officer from completing a thorough investigation.

  • I received a letter from your office. What do I do now?

    Review the letter closely. Initially, the Office of Student Affairs will request that you schedule an appointment by a certain date and time. If you do not schedule an appointment, an appointment will be scheduled for you. Failure to attend this meeting without prior notice will not delay the process and may result in a decision being rendered in your absence.

  • Why is a Student Affairs hold on my records?

    The Office of Student Affairs may place a hold on your records for a variety of reasons. These may include incomplete sanctions, contact avoidance or due to a ruling for a sanction. The hold will indicate a phone number that you should call in order to have the hold removed.

    If you are not sure why you have the hold, you can call the Office of Student Affairs at 325-942-2047.

  • Can I bring an attorney to any hearings?

    Yes, you can. An attorney is considered an “advisor” and can attend any meeting or hearing. However, an advisor does not have an active role in the conduct process. If you decide to bring an attorney, the Office of Student Affairs requires a written request at least five days in advance of the scheduled hearing date. An attorney from the Texas Tech University System Office of General Counsel and/or the general counsel for Angelo State University may attend.

  • How long are records kept?

    Conduct records are kept for seven years following the conclusion of the case. Cases involving suspension or expulsion are retained indefinitely.

  • When do my parents find out?

    Your parents will not be given any information, unless there is a FERPA waiver on file. The only exception is when a student under the age of 21 is found responsible for an alcohol or drug violation. The executive director of student affairs, or a designee, reserves the right to contact the parents or guardians of those students.

For more, read about the definitions of terms in the Student Handbook.

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