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ASU Social Media Guidelines

Angelo State University recognizes the value of social media and encourages participation by ASU departments, programs and organizations as long as it falls within their communication needs and goals.

These guidelines are designed to help members of the Ram Family create and contribute to university-related social media and to do so in a respectful, professional and relevant way that protects the university’s reputation and mission.

  • Create Professional Login Information

    Use your department, program or organization’s email address when setting up accounts and make sure you aren’t the only person in your department with access to your accounts. Do not tie an ASU account to your personal email address or profile.

  • Register Your Social Media Account with the University

    Campus groups that have an ASU social media page or would like to start one should complete the Application for Social Media Registration. Once you’re registered with the university, you will:

    • Be included in the ASU Social Media Directory
    • Get support from campus social media contacts and resources
    • Open up your content for sharing opportunities across ASU’s other registered social media accounts
  • Consider Both Aspects of Community Engagement

    Social media is all about keeping your audience engaged with you. Develop a plan for how you will handle both of these types of engagement:

    • Proactive: Producing new content or sharing content that promotes conversation or additional social activity. Read the Social Media Best Practices page for more information.
    • Reactive: Responding to comments or messages from your followers. Read the Engaging in Conversation page for more information.
  • Learn the Differences Between Social Media Platforms and the Community Guidelines for Each

    Each social media platform will likely require a different communication strategy, so take some time to figure out which platform is best for you and your target audience. Keep in mind that each platform also has varying levels of public information that followers or other users can see.

    We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and recommendations of the social media platform you are participating in and adhere to those.

  • Devote Time

    Social media requires an ongoing commitment. If you are creating and managing a social media presence, you must ensure that you have the time and resources to support it.

  • Be Consistent with the ASU Brand

    All of ASU’s registered social media accounts need to follow university branding as outlined in the Visual Identity Guidelines.

    Social Media Naming Conventions

    When choosing a name for your social media channel, opt for “Angelo” before “ASU” to help distinguish our university. Here are a few examples:

    • angelohousing
    • angelosports

    Note that using a hyphen to separate the university and department names is acceptable. If you inherited a social media platform with a name not using this convention, you are not required to change the name. Just use this convention going forward.

    Key Messages

    Your group’s key messaging goals (as defined in your social media plan) can be told through the stories of people in your department, program or organization. Social media is good platform to reinforce who ASU is and what we’re all about. There’s no need to post your goals directly on your sites. Instead, post stories, links, information, photos and other content that reinforces these ideas and shows progress toward these goals.


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