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ASUALERT Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Emergency Alert Notification System be used?

The system will only be used to reach you in the event of a campus or regional emergency as defined by university officials.

Will the contact information I supply be used for any other purpose?

No, your information is only used for notification in the event of a campus or regional emergency.

Will I receive Emergency Alerts if I don’t “sign up”?

All active Angelo State University email addresses will be loaded into the ASUAlert system. Therefore, by not “signing up” you will not receive emergency notifications by phone, but you will still receive them at your Angelo State University email address. However, this may not be the most appropriate means of notification, so Angelo State University strongly recommends that you provide the best emergency notification contact information by signing up.

How often can I change my contact information in the Emergency Notification Database?

You may change your information as often as necessary by updating the ASUAlert webpage.

Can I opt-out of Emergency Notifications?

You may opt-out of all Emergency Notifications, except for email notifications, by selecting Opt-out on the ASUAlert webpage. Angelo State University strongly recommends that you provide at least one phone number. Any contact information you provide will ONLY be used for Emergency Notifications.

Can I be notified via text messaging?

Yes, there an option to enter the number of your text messaging phone.

Why did I receive a text message asking for confirmation?

Most carriers require recipients to physically opt in via their cell phone in order to receive text messages. We will initiate this process with a short text message once an SMS phone is provided. Recipients will be prompted to reply to this request to confirm they agree they want to receive these messages. If they do not confirm, they will not be opted in.

Will I receive an email notification?

Yes, emails are sent to your Angelo State University email account provided to you. The system does not support email addresses other than your University account.

Will campus departments (office phones) be included in Emergency Alert Notifications?

Yes. Emergency Alert Notifications will be sent to each department’s main telephone number automatically. Students, faculty, and staff should NOT specify campus office phone numbers in their individual contact information.

Can I receive notifications by more than one method?

Yes, you will receive email notification in the event of an emergency. Additionally, you can select to be notified by voice, text messaging, and TTY/TDD services.

What is TTY/TDD?

A TTY is a special device that lets people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired use the telephone to communicate, by allowing them to type text messages. A TTY is required at both ends of the conversation in order to communicate. TDD—Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

Does the system support TTY/TDD devices for the hearing impaired?

Yes, you must designate one of your contact numbers as TTY/TDD enabled.

What other campus safety and emergency procedures are in place?

Our Emergency Procedures can be found online at Angelo State University Emergency Procedures. This website is intended to inform the Angelo State University community about what to do in advance of, during and after an emergency.

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