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Annual Department Service Awards

ASU Small Badge The University Police Department has a long standing tradition of exemplary performance demonstrated by its police officers and civilian personnel.
Annually, the police department recognizes a police officer and civilian employee who have served the department with distinction by awarding the Officer of the Year and the Support Services Award. The recipients of these awards have shown great commitment to their duties and have served with outstanding loyalty and professionalism.

Kinetic Global Personal Safety App

Kinetic Global


Visit to download app.

Student Life and University Police have partnered to bring an exciting phone app to ASU called Kinetic Global. The app is available at no cost to students, faculty, and staff. Primary student funding for Kinetic Global is possible through the Student Organization Leadership Fund.

Kinetic Global is a personal safety mobile application for iPhone and Android. While you are walking around campus or about your daily lives, you can arm the app by placing your thumb on your smartphone screen. To initiate immediate emergency response, all you have to do is remove your thumb from the screen. If something happens to you, authorities can be dispatched within seconds. A hands-free timer mode can be used for longer activities such as jogging, carrying books or shopping bags or walking through a parking lot to find your car.

Not only does Kinetic Global alert a 24-hour call center during an emergency, it also provides the call center and up to seven chosen lifelines with real-time GPS location and tracking. This feature helps responding emergency personnel pinpoint your exact location and expedites their response.

Angelo State was one of the first universities in the country to offer this phone app to its campus community.

Learn more about this exciting phone app.


Warnings will be issued by University Police, based on circumstances or events that affect the safety of the campus community. These types of incidents necessitate issuing a campus warning:

  • Severe weather, including thunderstorms, tornados, snow/ice storms, flash floods or wildfires, which may require people to seek shelter or take other actions.
  • Evacuations are normally implemented due to a threat emanating from within a facility, such as a gas leak, and may necessitate the evacuation of a larger area or the entire campus.
  • Campus closures are implemented as a result of inclement weather or some other unforeseeable event that disrupts campus operations.
  • Special alerts are issued for unusual circumstances or events that impact the campus community, such as a street detour or a parking lot closure.

Quick Tips On How to Respond To An Active Shooting Incident

The Oregon mall shooting on December 11th once again highlights the real dangers of being in the middle of an active shooter incident. Sadly, we want to use the Oregon tragedy to remind the campus community how they can better prepare themselves. Do you know what to do if found in the middle of an active shooter incident? There are three main actions you can take:


If you can escape safely, RUN!  It is important when out in public to take notice of where your closest exits are. 


If escape is not an option, HIDE!  Find solid objects to hide behind. If possible, find a safe room and barricade yourself. Close blinds, turn off lights, silence cell phones and get as close to the floor as you can. Give the impression the room is empty and unoccupied.


If running or hiding is not an option, your last resort may be FIGHT!  Working together or alone, use aggression and improvised weapons to fight off and disable the shooter.

How you respond to approaching police is as critical as how you respond to the shooter! Police are entering a very chaotic scene and have no idea who the shooter might be!


  • When law enforcement reaches you, do not run at them or make sudden movements. 

  • The priority of the first responders will be to identify the shooter. Law enforcement will need to ensure that you are not the shooter.

  • Do not scream, yell, point, or wave your arms.

  • Do not hold anything in your hands that could be mistaken for a weapon (including cell phones). 

  • Be quiet and compliant.

  • Show the officers your empty hands and follow their instructions. 

  • Give the number of shooters.

  • Give the location and physical description of the shooter.

  • Give the number and types of weapons.

  • When it is safe to do so, you will be given instructions as to how to safely exit your location.

Alertus Desktop™

ASU Alertus Desktop The University Police Department, Information Technology and the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management have been testing a new software program called Alertus Desktop™. This companion software will further enhance emergency ASUAlert notifications to the campus community. A small scale test of the Alertus Desktop™ software was incorporated into the October campus wide annual test of ASUAlert.

Alertus Desktop™ is an enterprise software solution for overriding computer displays across a network system with critical alert messages. When an alert is initiated, targeted client computers are overridden with a full screen alert containing information regarding the nature of the campus emergency. Recipients simply click an acknowledgment button at the bottom of their screen to close the alert and simultaneously provide acknowledgement to campus safety officials who originated the notification.

The ability of Alertus Desktop™ to “push” emergency messages out to networked PCs will further assist campus emergency officials in disseminating important information and alerting individuals to specific campus emergencies. The new feature should be fully implemented and operational in early Spring 2013.

2020 Security and Fire Safety Report

ASU Campus Crime The purpose of the Security and Fire Safety Report is to provide our faculty, staff and students with campus safety information including crime and fire statistics. In addition, the report provides other valuable information pertaining to campus safety.


ASU 500 Reward Icon The Angelo State University Police Department is searching for those responsible for a number of car burglaries occurring in campus residential parking lots. Read more on how you can help.

New 911 Lifeline Law Intended to Save Lives

ASU 911 Icon A new law passed by the Texas Legislature in 2011 means that a person under 21 won’t be charged by the police for possessing or consuming alcohol if the person calls 911 because someone might have alcohol poisoning. Read more about the 911 Lifeline Policy.


ASU SAfe SEcure Free Icon The University Police Department has partnered with LeadsOnline to offer a free service called “Report It”. This online system allows users to enter and maintain secure records on the property they own. Users may store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures and even scanned receipts that can easily be identified in the event of theft or loss. Your account can be accessed from anywhere via a secure site. “Report It” is searchable and even allows the users the ability to print a full inventory of their property and valuables. This feature is extremely important for law enforcement should you be the victim of a theft.

To start entering your items, go to the Report It website or view the Report IT flyer for more information.

Ever lost something on campus? Ever wondered if that item was in our lost and found?

ASU University Police The University Police Department is proud to introduce their new ONLINE LOST AND FOUND. This new service allows individuals to search all property currently in our lost and found. It’s easy!

Shots Fired on Campus Video

Two words we hope we never hear on our campus.

ASU Shots Fired University Police adheres to a standard of preparation as the key to a positive outcome in a negative situation. As such, we present to you “Shots Fired On Campus”, part of a training program designed to empower people with knowledge and strategies for preventing and surviving an active shooter situation.

To view the video: 

  1. Log into RamPort 
  2. Navigate to the Campus Life page
  3. Select the Shots Fired on Campus Training video link in the Health and Safety section

RamPark-ASU’s Parking Service

ASU requires anyone parking a vehicle on campus to have an active, valid parking permit properly displayed in their vehicle. RamPark is an online parking registration program which you will be able to access during the registration process for your classes or through RamPort on the Campus Life page. For more information, visit the RamPark web page

Daily Crime Log

ASU Daily Blotter What nefarious deeds and goings-on are happening at ASU? Here is the daily report.


Crime Prevention

ASU Crime Prevention Don’t want to see your name in the blotter? Email us to schedule a crime prevention presentation and learn how to keep yourself from being a victim.


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Report Crime: 942-ACTT (942-2288)

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