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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I able to view who needs to approve a report?

    Yes once a report has been submitted, the “Tracking” button (next to Open and PDF) will appear at the top of report in question. 

  • Who is in the approval process?

    Pre-Approvals: Supervisor - Financial Manager - Travel Office

    Expense Reports: Financial Manager - Travel Office

    *If someone’s delegate submits a report, the report will first be routed for the approval to the traveler. 

    *If an advisor for a student trip is not traveling with students, then the report will route to the VP of SAEM.

    *If your travel type is Athletic Recruitment, then the report will route to the Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance. 

  • Do I add expenses made on the ProCard or Purchase Order?

    No not at this time. These expenses do not need to be listed in Chrome River. Please only include reimbursable, Enterprise Direct Bill, or BTA expenses. 

  • What is the difference between an Athletic Travel Card and a State Travel Card?

    -The Athletic Travel Card is only used by the Athletic department, specifically, is for each individual coach who owns a card to pay for their athletic team.

    -The State Travel Card is for other ASU faculty/staff that applied and have received an individually- issued card from the Purchasing/Travel Office.

  • How do I complete the overage justification for lodging?

    -Please refer to the training manual, “Hotel Overage Training.”

  • Are students allowed to submit a Pre-Approval?

    -No. Students do not have access to Chrome River. A Pre-Approval must be submitted by the responsible ASU employee.

  • How do I submit a Pre-Approval for multiple destinations in the same trip?

    -You will submit one Pre-Approval. Indicate each destination in the “Business Purpose” section and indicate the furthest destination in the “Destination” section.

  • What if I am not available to approve a report?

    -You can assign another person to be an “Approval Delegate” - as long as your and their role are outlined as such in the University’s succession plan. *Reminder, Chrome River is web-based platform and can be accessed on any desktop computer or can be accessed on a mobile device. 

  • Am I required to submit my own travel?

    -Whether or not you can have a delegate submit your travel depends on your department’s internal processes.

  • What do I do if I see something that looks like a software bug?

    -Take a screenshot of the issue and email/call the Travel Office as soon as you encounter the issue. The Travel Office can help determine what caused the issue and outline next steps.

  • Am I able to make a change to the report once it has already been submitted?

    You have the option to “recall” the report before it has started the approval process. Once the report has been submitted, it will be sent back to your Drafts on the homepage. However, if the Travel Office has already approved the report, then you will need to contact the Travel Office for further assistance.

  • Can I add a new expense on my Expense Report that was not listed on my Pre-Approval?

    Yes. You are able to add new expenses. Select the “+” button to add a new expense.

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