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Printing Services

Black & white laser printers are available for student-use in all computer labs, and color laser printers are available in the MCS 111 lab and in the Library Learning commons.

Information about Print Credits

Print Credits

Students receive 800 print credits each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for their printing needs.

Each single-sided black and white print deducts 1 credit from your balance, and each single-sided color print deducts 5 print credits from your balance.

When your print credit balance reaches zero, you will not be able to conduct print jobs from any print stations. Instead, you must first add more print credits.

Credits are for each specific term, and unused credits do not roll over to the next term. Print credit balances are reset 14 days before the Spring and Fall Semester. Print credit balances for Summer terms reset the following Monday after the Spring semester ends. (Maymester, Summer I and II count as one term).

At the end of the semester, any left over purchased print credits will not be refunded back to your Papercut Account. Purchased print credits must be used by the end of the semester or you will lose them.

Duplex Printing information

Duplex (2-sided) Printing 

All printers located in the student computer labs and in the Library Learning Commons that are capable of duplex printing are set to automatically print 2-sided. Students have the option to change the print setting to single-sided if desired.

Express Lane information

“Express Lane” Print Stations

Stations are available in both the MCS Computer Lab and the Library Learning Commons for students that need to quickly print something for class, check email or submit an assignment.

Computer icon

Web Print

Web Print will give students the ability to upload files from home, the dorms, or on campus and print the file to a printer in the MCS Lab or Library Commons from anywhere with internet access. Also, now anyone using an iOS device can print directly from their Apple phone or tablet. Visit the Web Print instructions page to get started!

How do credits work?

Usage Rates

Black and White Printout Information Black & White prints use 1 credit per single-sided print.

Color Printout Information Color prints use 5 credits per single-sided print.

Additional Credits

Additional credits can be purchased at the rates listed below.

$1 20 credits - $1

$5 100 credits - $5

$10 200 credits - $10

  Purchase Print Credits

Purchasing credits will be unavailable for maintenance every Saturday night starting at 10 p.m. CST through 6 a.m. Sunday morning.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I view my print credit balance?

    You may view your print credit balance at any time in the PaperCut window on your lab desktop.

    Do I receive a refund for any unused print credits?

    Credits are for each specific term, and unused credits will not be rolled over to the next term. Print credit balances are reset 14 days before the Spring and Fall Semester. Print credit balances for Summer terms reset the following Monday after the Spring semester ends. (Maymester, Summer I and II count as one term).

    How do I increase my print credit balance?

    Additional print credits may be purchased in increments of $1 (20 credits), $5 (100 credits), and $10 (500 credits). The cost per single-sided print in black and white is $.05 (1 print credit) and $.25 (5 print credits) for color single-sided print. The additional print credits are non-refundable and do not roll over to the next term.

    What pages are counted towards the print credit?

    Any pages printed to a lab or classroom printer are counted towards your print quota. All lab printers are set to duplex (double-side) print. A 10 page paper will use 5 sheets of paper, and you will be charged 10 credits. If you need to print single-sided, you can adjust the printer settings.

    How many students will be affected by the print credit?

    The print credit system was designed to conserve resources and save computer lab operating costs. Based on recent studies at ASU, less than 10 percent of students actually exceed the print credit quota in a semester.

    How can I dispute a print charge?

    If you are charged for printouts that you didn’t receive due to a printer error, please contact a Lab Assistant. We will research the error and get back to you. Your account will be credited as soon as we verify the printing logs.

    Print Output Quality and Credit

    While there are no print credit refunds, we will be happy to credit you should printouts come out faded or crumpled. In order to receive credit, bring all substandard printout sheets to the attention of a Lab Assistant. You will be credited on a one-to-one page basis. Pages must be physically given to the Lab Assistant to receive credit.

  • Going Green

    Did you know that ASU students printed 5,000,000 pages in the computers labs last year? That is equivalent to 62 trees.

    Going Green

    There are numerous environmental issues caused by excessive printing such as deforestation due to paper needs and filling of landfills with used toner cartridges and old, worn-out printers.

    ASU’s printing services and the print credit system are designed to help reduce the impact to our environment and to make effective use of our resources, thereby containing the costs of making printing available to our students.

    The print credit system helps keep the costs of paper, toner, and printer maintenance under control, and assists in conserving resources.

    How can you help?


    • Think about the documents you need to print. Can class work or papers be submitted to your professor electronically through email or Blackboard? If it is research or reading material, can it be read online?
    • Remember you can save files to your personal file space by saving to the My Documents folder on any lab computer.
    • Be careful and patient while you print. Make sure to send the correct document to the printer, and that you are aware of its length and your available print credit balance.

    If you need assistance with any of these measures, ask a Lab Assistant.


    Faculty and staff are also being asked to assist in the effort to decrease operating costs and conserve resources.

    Many professors have previously posted articles online, requesting that students print these materials in a campus computer lab. Instead, faculty and staff are being asked to encourage students to submit papers and class works electronically and read materials online.

    Files can be posted for reading on websites and in Blackboard.

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