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New Mobile Device Setup

Changing phone numbers?

Be sure to update your mobile number for ASUAlert and your personal information in RamPort.

You’ve just gotten a new mobile device or you’re thinking about upgrading. Whether it’s a phone or tablet, getting it connected at ASU is easy.

Follow these steps to make sure your device is configured properly and can be used safely with ASU’s technology services.

  1. Secure

    • Set up a Passcode

      The most important thing you can do to protect your device and the information it contains is to lock it using a pin, passcode, gesture or other types of lock code supported on your device.

    • Enable Encryption

      If you have access to sensitive information from your device, it is important that you enable encryption to prevent unauthorized access to that data. iOS devices are encrypted automatically when a passcode is set.

    • To make sure your device is always up-to-date with the latest security patches, be sure to install operating system updates when they become available.

  2. Connect

  3. Protect

    • Enable Remote Device Tracking and Management

      If your device is ever lost or stolen, it is important to make sure that you can locate it and even erase its contents if the device can not be recovered. Take the time to set this up now to protect yourself if you ever need it.

    • Prevent Viruses and Malware

      Just like desktops and laptops, some mobile devices are susceptible to infection by malicious programs.

      Install Antivirus Software, such as Lookout, which is available for both iOS and Android.

    • Create a Backup Plan

      If something happens to your device or you just want to make upgrading it easier in the future, you’ll want to make sure your phone’s data is backed up so it can be easily restored.

    • While you’re protecting your device, consider also protecting your passwords by installing a password manager app. Learn more about creating and managing strong passwords.

Now that you’re new device is set up, check out some of the apps and other mobile services available to you.

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