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Jabber allows you to send short messages to your coworkers allowing them to answer when they are available. Some of its best aspects are allowing conversations to stop and start as needed, to take place in meetings where you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to speak to someone else at the same time, to take place while you are performing other tasks, or to allow for a more conversational and less formal means of communication than email. In addition, Jabber can let you easily see if someone is available, in a meeting, or otherwise not available.


  • IM/video chat – send instant messages to others and collaborate over video conference
  • Presence – show others your availability status
  • Group chat – chat with multiple people at the same time
  • Screen capture – take a screen shot and share it with others
  • Screen sharing – share your computer screen with chat or video participants (printable screen sharing guide)
  • File sharing – share files with others

New Users

If you would like to use Jabber in your office, please contact the Service Center.

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