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  • Analyst

    In coordination with functional users, analyzes and interprets business objectives and requirements and makes recommendations for resolution, capitalizing on current and future technologies. Also creates, updates, tests, installs and maintains the programs/scripts/reports needed to address process improvements using the functional specifications created.

    Example project:
    Banner implementation from 2004-2007

    Analyst Skills

  • Application Support

    Provides technical support for the university technology services including desktop and networked applications and coordinates the implementation of new technology projects with users and other IT team members. The applications team investigates and resolves application issues through close coordination between customers, other IT support areas and suppliers.

    Example project:
    Deploy document imaging system in 2014

    Application Support Skills

  • Database Analyst

    Administers enterprise system databases to support multiple, integrated information systems maintaining the integrity and availability of institutional data through secure and efficient storage, retrieval, and archiving processes.  Recommend and implements ways to optimize database performance across a wide variety of applications and users. The team also provides system support for the Banner ERP application.

    Example project:
    Banner database encryption deployment in 2014

    Database Analyst Skills

  • Integrator/Application Development

    Designs, develops and improves of the University’s processes and services through the augmentation and development of technology software applications. Develops processes and applications for data and authentication integration. Provides integration and support for applications, programs and scripts to simplify the end user experience.  

    Example project:
    Web directory data integration created in 2013

    Integrator/Application Development Skills

  • Learning Technology Support

    Under general supervision, provides support for campus learning technology services with focus on the learning management system. Supports and trains faculty/staff on the use of campus software and other technology tools. Coordinates and assists with the implementation of new learning technology projects with users and other IT team members.

    Example project:
    HR staff development and training portal in Blackboard in 2014

    Learning Technology Support Skills

  • Network Support

    The network team supports the telecommunications equipment that connects workstations and phones to servers, applications, and the world.

    Example project:
    Network connectivity for LeGrand Stadium in 2014

    Network Support Skills

  • Project Management

    Provide leadership and direction to project teams throughout the life cycle of technology-related projects in terms of the initiation, planning, implementation and development of operational processes throughout each project implementation.

    Example project:
    Project Governance structure

    Project Management Skills

  • Security

    The security team is responsible for guiding the use of information security controls to protect ASU’s most sensitive information (protected data).

    Example project:
    Two-factor authentication

    Security Skills

  • Server Support

    Provides technical support for server and storage technology resources within the university environment including the allocation of resources to both existing services and new technology projects. Also provides advanced level of planning/troubleshooting as required to assist team in delivering technology services.

    Example project:
    Move from physical servers to virtual (VM) environment

    Server Support Skills

  • Support Services

    Provides technical support for technology services including over 2500 desktop/laptop computers, printers, networked applications and mobile devices within the university environment as well as support for more than 120 smart classrooms.

    Example project:
    Service-Now tool deployment in 2012

    Support Services Skills

  • Web Developer

    Designs, constructs and maintains technical structure and templates for ASU’s web site and RamPort. Creates, develops, maintains and supports web products and services. Provides training and consultation to web content providers. Provides long-term planning for upcoming web trends and their incorporation into the ASU web site.

    Example project:
    Re-design of home page in 2014 to incorporate social media feeds.

    Web Developer Skills


The skills framework that we are using was created by the non-profit organization, the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation, which is comprised of representatives from the IT industry to create tools for the IT industry. Using the SFIA standard provides a common language of IT skills that can be used not only within our own department, but also as we work with others within our industry. The overall framework contains 96 skills to cover the broad spectrum of technology. From this pool of 96 skills, we  selected the skills that currently apply to our operations at ASU.

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