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College is a time of learning: learning about oneself, learning about the ideas of others, learning about career opportunities, learning technical skills, learning to relate with others, learning to make responsible decisions, learning to function effectively in a new environment, learning to ask significant questions, and learning to seek significant answers. All of these are part of the college experience.

Coupled with the need for those skills, however, is the need to develop other skills which may not be taught directly in the classroom, such as budgeting, interpersonal relations, delegation, motivation, hands-on problem-solving techniques, long-range planning, program evaluation, personal evaluation, etc. The effective development of these other skill areas can be just as important to your eventual career success as the skills you learn in the classroom.

Participating in student organizations while in college is an excellent way to gain experience in these other skill areas while, at the same time, meeting new friends and having a good time. Angelo State University fully supports the student organization program and encourages students to take full advantage of the opportunities offered therein.

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