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Carr Academic Scholarships

Carr Academic Scholarship

Angelo State University is home to the Carr Academic Scholarship, our premium scholarship program available exclusively to ASU students. Funded by one of the largest endowments at a regional university, these scholarships are awarded based on your academic achievements.

Awards are based on your ACT or SAT test scores (or your class rank when test scores are not available) and your high school GPA. 

  • ACT tests we review the composite score. 
  • SAT tests we review the math & evidence-based reading/writing score.
  • High school GPA’s are calculated on a 4.0 scale.
2021-2022 Academic Year Carr Academic Scholarship Levels
Amount per year Test Scores and Rank Requirements GPA
ACT   SAT   Class Rank
34-36 or 1490-1600   test score required 3.5-4.0
$8,000 32-33 or 1420-1480   test score required 3.5-4.0
$6,000 29-31 or 1330-1410   test score required 3.5-4.0
$4,000 27-28 or 1260-1320 or Top 10% 3.5-4.0
$3,000 24-26 or 1160-1250 or Top 20% 3.5-4.0
$2,000 22-23 or 1100-1150 or Top 30% 3.0-4.0
$1,000 21 or 1060-1090 or Top 40% 3.0-4.0

Students in the ASU Honors Program qualify for an additional $3,000 per year.


  • Must be accepted for admission to ASU.
  • You must submit your test scores and/or high school transcript to Angelo State.
  • You must not have 12 or more transfer hours (excluding dual credit). If you do have 12 or more transfer hours, you will be automatically considered for a Carr Academic Transfer Scholarship

Application and Notification

Upon being accepted for admission to ASU, your high school transcripts and/or ACT/SAT scores will be evaluated automatically to determine your Carr Academic Scholarship eligibility. No additional application is necessary.

If you are selected for a Carr Academic Scholarship, you will be notified via email within two weeks after you have been accepted for admission to ASU.

ACT/SAT Retesting

Students are encouraged to retake the ACT/SAT test as often as allowed, while in high school.  For Carr Academic Scholarship purposes, ASU will only review:

  • ACT/SAT test scores taken before you begin attendance at ASU. 
  • ACT/SAT test scores taken and submitted prior to your first class day of the long semester immediately following your high school graduation. 

Note: ASU does not superscore.

Scholarship Duration

Students awarded a Carr Academic scholarship based on their ACT/SAT test scores should they meet the renewal requirements will receive their Carr Academic scholarship for 4 years or until they receive their bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

Out of State Tuition

Students that qualify for a Carr Academic Scholarship will be granted in-state tuition for the duration of their scholarship.

Renewal Requirements

Carr Academic Scholarships received as freshmen from high school have specific renewal requirements. Please review the Renewal Requirements page for more information about disbursements, dropping classes, renewal requirements, and reinstatement.

Dropping Classes & Withdrawing

If you withdraw or drop below 12 credit hours on or before the university’s census date (12th class day of a regular semester), your scholarship disbursement will be canceled. This may create a balance due to the university.

Students who withdraw may be required to reapply to the university. Students who have to reapply are no longer eligible for their Carr Academic Scholarship.

If you withdraw or ‘sit out’ for a long semester (fall or spring), you may be required to reapply to the university. If you have to reapply, you are no longer eligible for a Carr Academic Scholarship. 

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