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Scholarship Application Advice

Applying for ASU scholarships

The ASU General scholarship application along with most departmental scholarship applications are available on RamPort.  Below we have provided you with some helpful hints on how to access and apply for ASU scholarships.

  • Who should apply?  Students that have been admitted to ASU and are seeking a degree should apply.
  • What applications should I complete?  All students (new and returning) should complete the ASU General scholarship application.  Once you have completed the ASU General scholarship application, review the list of applications on RamPort and complete the application that corresponds to your major.
  • Where can I find the ASU scholarship applications?  The ASU General scholarship application as well as most academic department scholarship applications are located on RamPort.
  • When should I apply?  ASU scholarship applications go live Oct. 1st each year and have a priority review date of Jan. 15th.

Helpful Hints!

  1. Review our Helpful Hints before you begin!
  2. Complete the ASU General scholarship application first.
  3. Do not leave any question unanswered.  Failure to complete and answer all questions will mark your application as incomplete and it will not be sent to the scholarship committee for review.  If a questions does not apply to you must type “not applicable”.
  4. Complete your academic department scholarship application.
  5. Do not miss the priority review date of Jan. 15th.

Applying for scholarships outside of ASU

Applying for scholarships can seem like an overwhelming task, so we’ve pulled together some helpful tips to make the process easier.

  • Apply for several scholarships. You can receive multiple scholarships and forms of financial aid, so don’t feel like you need to limit the number of scholarship applications that you send out.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to complete and submit your scholarship applications. You’ll turn in better-quality work if you take time to think about essay questions and other required materials.

  • Be honest. Don’t fudge any information you include in a scholarship application. Imagine the disappointment of being chosen for a scholarship and then having the award revoked because you provided false information.

  • Complete the entire application and use a computer. If you aren’t sure of a proper answer or you skip a time-consuming question, make sure you go back and fill it in because incomplete applications will make you ineligible for scholarship consideration. You also don’t want to be discounted because your handwriting is illegible, so always type your applications when possible.

  • Have someone else proof your application or scholarship essay. We all go a little numb when we’ve been writing an essay or filling out a long application. Ask someone else to read it over with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Contact ASU’s Office of Scholarship Programs for help. Our expert staff know scholarships forward and backward and can answer many of your application questions. 

Be Aware of Scams

Scholarships are a great resource to help you get out of college debt free, but make sure you investigate any scholarship claims carefully. If a scholarship program asks for a payment or for personal information, such as your Social Security Number, do not proceed with the application. Scholarship opportunities are out there, but so are some dangers.

Scholarship Scams

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