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Program Overview

The Business Factory is a general office incubation program located in downtown San Angelo, TX at the Business Resource Center (BRC) on 69 N. Chadbourne. It was designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs who enjoy the networking benefits and atmosphere of a professional environment with traditional business incubator space but want a flexible short or long-term lease. Clients are provided with essential tools, expertise, and networking opportunities to help small businesses and entrepreneurs operate and grow their business.

The Business Factory is located upstairs of the BRC and is conveniently within close proximity of the ASU Small Business Development Center, which is located downstairs. The location of the Business Factory is extremely beneficial to clients since it is only steps away from receiving essential business advice as well as creating imperative relationships with real professionals who can be crucial for a business. 

Advantages of Business Incubators

Tenants in a business incubator share a wide range of overhead costs, including utilities, office equipment, computer services and conference rooms. In addition, basic rent costs are usually below normal for the region in which the fledgling business is operating, which allows entrepreneurs to realize additional savings. It is worth noting, however, that incubators do not allow tenants to remain in the program forever; most lease agreements at incubator facilities run for three years, with some programs offering one or two one-year renewal options.


  • Low-cost, flexible short-term and long-term lease space
  • Shared utility costs
  • Technical assistance through business advising and training
  • Shared office equipment such as copier
  • Shared office services such as Wi-Fi and office cleaning
  • Office furnishing to include desk and chairs 
  • Connection to helpful resources
  • Connection to ASU through interns, student teams and faculty
  • Connection to networking and mentoring 
  • Connection to access to capital resources 
  • Access to conference rooms and conferencing equipment, kitchen and restrooms

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Dave Erickson
Address: 69 N. Chadbourne St., San Angelo, TX 76903


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