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Success Stories

  • Danny NuñezAdvisor: Dave Erickson
    Engine Pro Machine LLC

    Erickson assisted Danny and Lucy in putting together a business plan and financial projections to submit to the BREP program, which let them see the projected numbers for their new revenue stream. Danny and Lucy were very pleased with the assistance, as was Bob with the BREP program.  

  • Heather CraigmyleAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Trucountry Inn

     “James has been a great help to me in planning my hotel business.”

  • Robert Downey & David DowneyAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Gay & Young Motor Company

     “Helped formulate the business plan and set up financial projections.”

  • Elizabeth WatkinsAdvisor: Alejandro Castañon
    Devils River Liquor

    “She was able to apply for her TABC license, establish an LLC, and develop a marketing plan for her business.”

  • Michele and Jody BabiashAdvisor: Dave Erickson
    Old Central Firehouse Bed and Brew

    “The Staff at the SBDC is wonderful. The help guidance and support that we received has been invaluable. We could not have done this project without their help and knowledge.”  “…The work they have done for us and do for other business owners is amazing.”

  • Chris & Cheryl DeleonAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Fitness: 1440

    “Dezaray and SBDC have been awesome with help and following up with us every step of the way. We greatly appreciate everything they have done!” 

  • Lori MatusAdvisor: Alejandro Castañon 
    Concho Valley Qualified Traffic Services

    “The client learned that their services are not required to charge a sales tax per the state regulations.”

  • Sheila WhitlockAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Adventurous Embroidery

    Sheila stated that the “SBDC helped secure grant monies for expanding my business and moving to main street.”

  • Cynthia & Michael MitchellAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    WBF Mobile Window Tinting

    “The SBDC were instrumental in assisting us in starting our business. Their direction and instructions made the process easy. They’re such a great friendly team.”

  • Jason BradleyAdvisor: James Leavelle
    RDI Fabricators

    “Mr. Leavelle helped in giving the resources needed to make a presentation to the bank and to Mr. Dicke in order to receive financing.”  Jason is now the 100% owner of the business.

  • Billy DaleAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Big Hungry Cafe

    “The SBDC employee has been a great asset to my business. Helping in all aspects without the help I might not have made it. I am still not over the hump but feel like with continued help, I will succeed.”

  • Wendell & Tessa BowieAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Lonestar Performance Garage LLC

    “James has given us great advice and is always there to answer questions. He is always on top of things and makes sure we have what we need and understand what is happening.”

  • David Alexander & Molly WallerAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Centurian Planning and Design LLC

     “The financial education provided by the SBDC has been the most valuable tool for us. We really needed that education since our background was from another technical field.”

  • Vee & Ken CookeAdvisor: Alejandro Castañon
    Verdandi LLC

    “With the guidance of the Advisors at the SBDC, I have been able to define and implement my business plan and goals. As a result, I have been able to increase sales and revenue and now have the ability to market more effectively.”

  • Feliciano & Priscilla HernandezAdvisor: Alejandro Castañon
    Shine Bright Lube Center & Car Wash, LLC

    “The advising team met with Feliciano and conducted a brainstorming session to help him find answers about human resources and price strategy.”

  • Elizabeth GonzalesAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Elizabeth Gonzales, LLC

    James at the SBDC helped to educate my husband and me on understanding the ins and outs of starting my own business and did it professionally and courteously.”

  • Lee and Kary WardenAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Buster’s Laundry

    “The SBDC is a wonderful organization. Dezaray is a wonderful person very helpful in every aspect of what we needed. Look forward to working with her in the future.” 

  • Danny NuñezAdvisor: Dave Erickson
    Engine Pro Machine LLC

    Erickson assisted Danny and Lucy in putting together a business plan and financial projections to submit to the BREP program, which let them see the projected numbers for their new revenue stream. Danny and Lucy were very pleased with the assistance, as was Bob with the BREP program.  

  • Tiffany OhmanAdvisor: James Leavelle
    New Roots Senior Transition Specialists

    “SBDC advisors have assisted me in my website design and our online presence.  We are adding to our staff in 2018 in order to handle the demands of future business.”  

  • Adrian SotoAdvisor: Alejandro Castañon
    Senor Changs

    SBDC helped him create a business plan to secure a loan with the bank as well as helped transition his business from a mobile model to a working restaurant model.

  • John Karcher
    The Deadhorse Live Music Venue

    “ Mr. Leavelle helped do my LLC and was immaculate at teaching the classes I took for the certification program gave me a huge insight to taking over the business as well as helping me understand the business aspect of things I was aware of.  Couldn’t have done it without!”

  • Helen & Craig KeithAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Helen’s Bistro & Bakery Chapter 2

    “SBDC allowed us to explore new ideas for the relocation and expansion of the business. Financing options are a large part of the SBDC help.”

  • William & Ada NarroAdvisor: James Leavelle
    The Auto Pro’s Body Shop LLC

    “SBDC has been instrumental every step of the way and couldn’t be happier with their services.”

  • Sandra Corn & Lindsey OwenAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Hill Country Artisans Gallery on Main

    “Our SBDC advisor was most helpful in establishing our goals and obtaining a grant from our local EDC. She continues to assist us with creating an online presence by one on one visits and the class she conducted for our community. Her guidance and counseling have been invaluable for the establishment and growth of our gallery.”

  • Brandie & Jason BomerAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Rogue Kitchen

    “We were lost but was found with Dezaray and the SBDC! We have more confidence knowing we have help whenever we need! Looking forward to growing with them!” If you have not had the chance, stop on by and dine in or carry out one of their tasty meals!

  • Eric WalkerAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Double U Trucking, LLC

    “James has helped me restructure my business plan and smoothly expedited my company’s startup. I would recommend him to anyone.”

  • Melanie BaumgartnerAdvisor: Dave Erickson
    Angelo Kidney Connection, PLLC

    “Melanie expansion goal is growing into new “Home” Dialysis Market: plans to partner with large SNF Corp. located in multi-centers in Texas to provide dialysis. Seeking expansion in local market & employee growth.”

  • Ruthie SepedaAdvisor: Dezaray Johnson
    Lone Star Gallery

    “Dezaray Johnson has been instrumental in helping my business thrive.”

  • Jason FernandezAdvisor: James Leavelle
    Fernandez Salsa

     “Mr. James Leavelle with the SBDC has been very helpful with my Fernandez Salsa business.  The preparation of my business plan showed me the potential of where I can get my business to (ex. Stores, and distributors).  They also gave me leads on where I can get help with the exportation of my business.”

  • Randy & Margie KiserAdvisor: James Leavelle
    3 Nail Ironware

    “We have been very satisfied with the SBDC. We started with them 28 years ago and they helped build our business as Kiser Iron Works. We decided to start a new business or change our business model form Custom to Retail, we have now changed over to 3 Nail Ironware and they have been very helpful in branding, marketing and addressing problems we locate as they arise.”

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