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Accidents and Incidents

Accidents and Incidents

Regardless of the efforts taken to provide a safe environment for the campus community, accidents will inevitably occur. Please refer to the following guidelines for necessary actions to take in the event of an accident or incident.

Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Notify University Police at 325-942-2071 and the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management at 325-942-2180.
  • Make these referrals for those who require medical treatment:
    • Students: University Clinic
    • Employees: an approved health care provider (Contact Human Resources at 325-942-2168 for more information.)
    • Visitors: the nearest minor emergency clinic

Severe Injuries

  • Call 9-1-1 to request emergency medical services for severe or life-threatening injuries.
  • Notify University Police at 325-942-2071.

Victim Assistance

  • Request assistance from others to make notifications and/or help treat the injured.
  • Administer first aid/emergency treatment to the extent at which you have been trained and/or are comfortable.
  • Stay with the victim until help arrives, if there is no immediate danger to you or the victim.
  • Employees should not transport students to off-campus medical facilities.

Auto Accidents involving University Vehicles

The ASU EHSRM Office is responsible for receiving and processing reports for all motor vehicle collision claims as outlined in Operating Policies OP 36.03 University Vehicles. All collisions must be reported to your supervisor immediately.

If the collision occurs on campus, ASU Police shall be notified. It is the responsibility of the department to which the university vehicle is assigned to complete an Vehicle Accident Investigation Form and forward it immediately to the ESHRM Office. If there were accident witnesses, please have them complete the vehicle accident witness statement

A collision off-campus, whether in or out of the state of Texas, should be reported to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction. It is the driver’s responsibility to notify ASU EHRSM immediately and provide that office a copy of the collision information as soon as possible. The department must also complete an Vehicle Accident Investigation Form and forward it to ASU EHSRM. If there were accident witnesses, please have them complete the vehicle accident witness statement

Employee or Student Accident/Incident Reports & Notifications

  • Notify Facilities Management at 325-942-2355 to initiate an emergency work order if blood or other biological fluids are present. Custodial staff will respond and sanitize the area. Exception: if it is determined to be evidence for an active crime scene.
  • Report the accident or incident to the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management and complete an Employee Accident/Incident Report or Student Accident/Incident Report after the situation has been resolved.

Faculty are encouraged to review the Classroom Medical Emergency Procedures that have been developed to help prepare them for how to react to accidents or incidents that may occur in the classroom.

For questions regarding medical treatment for work-related injuries, or worker’s compensation, please refer to the Human Resources Workers’ Compensation web page.

Claims Procedures

All inquiries or requests for payment or reimbursement of expenses related to claims or settlements should be referred to the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management. Any accident or incident resulting in an injury or damage to the university’s or another person’s property should be reported as soon as possible by emailing or calling 325-942-2180.

All necessary actions should be taken to make the scene safe but do not remove any objects or clean the area until notified by University Police or the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management. This is necessary to allow for the scene to be photographed and investigated.


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