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Project Close Out

As a project moves into the Close Out there are several things that occur to ensure the longevity & sustainability of the newly implemented service.

Transfer of Ownership

Throughout the implementation of a project, the Information Technology Department often works alongside the functional team and plays a very critical role in the setup and roleout of a service. Once the service is operational and stable, there comes a need to transfer ownership of many of the processes IT has helped the Functional Team set up throughout the project. Many of these transitional item become part of the Functional Team’s daily routine once the project has been closed out.

Objectives Met/ Not Met

The Objectives Met/Not Met is a document in which the objectives listed within the Business Justification document are reviewed to determine which were met, which were NOT possible due to incorrect assumptions concerning the project implementation and which still need to be met but were not included in phase I of the project.

Lessons Learned

The Lessons Learned document allows the project team to provide feedback to the project office concerning the Project Implementation process. This allows Project Managers of future projects, to learn from past experiences.

Review Gate

Before the project can be completed, it must pass through the DIR Project Delivery Framework Benefits Realization Review Gate. The Review Gate is a serious of questions that need to be addressed. Routing and signatures of the Review Gate Document may be required depending upon the Classification Level of the project (see below).

Level 1 Review Gate Document needs to be completed and submitted to the CIO of the implementing institution for approval
Level 2 Review Gate Document needs to be completed and submitted to the Project office of the implementing institution for approval
Level 3 Review Gate Document needs to be completed by the project PM and saved within the project file of the implementing institution.

The project is now Complete.

Level 1 project

level 2 project

level 3 project

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