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Angelo State University
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Zone C parking lot at Angelo State

Pricing for 2019-20

Fulltime Faculty/Staff “A” Zone and Non-University Employees

Full Year Permit (per vehicle) deducted over a 9-month period (University employees only) or if paying in full, must be paid in person at Parking Services and are non-refundable. For two vehicle pricing, permits must be purchased at same time.

Single or Two Vehicle(s)

Single Permit (August – August)


Two Vehicles (August-August)



Part Time /Temporary/Casual Employees “A” Zone and Non-University Employees

Monthly Permit- Must be paid in person at Parking Services. Non-refundable.

Automobiles or Motorcycles

Monthly Permit (Rate based on months employed)


Commuter Students “B” Zones and Residential Students “C” Zones 

Automobiles or Motorcycles

Fall Yearly (August-August)


Fall Semester Only (August-December)


Spring/Summer  (January – August)


Spring Semester Only (January-May)


Summer Semester Only (May-August)


Commuter Student Reserved Parking “D” Zones

  Academic Upper Lot (P-39) only - 

  Carr EFA Lot (P-42D) only –

  “General Use” Zones (Lots labeled “A/B/C/D”) on the campus map are included.

Automobiles or Motorcycles

Flat Fee (per vehicle)



For two vehicle pricing, permits must be purchased at same time. Student Two Vehicle Permits  


Reserved “D” Zones Not Offered in Combination

Two Vehicles

Fall Yearly  (August – August)


Fall Semester Only (August-December)


Spring/Summer (January-August)


Spring Semester Only (January-May)


Summer Semester(s) Only (May-August)


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