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  • When can I expect my mail and/or parcel(s) to be delivered to my mailbox?

    USPS does not provide ASU with a specified delivery schedule. Mail is normally delivered between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and sorted immediately upon arrival at ASU.

  • Do you have envelopes or other mailing supplies for sale?

    We stock pre-paid envelopes in addition to those without applied postage. For your convenience we stock large to small manila envelopes, padded envelopes, assorted boxes and stamps. As part of the “Go Green Recycling” ASU mail service provides recycled packing material (stuffing) free of charge to our students.

  • Can I do Certified mail at ASU?

    We provide various types of services, Certified with or without Return Receipt, Insured, Delivery Confirmation, and Signature Confirmation and Custom Forms. ASU mail services does not process Registered mail service, this must be processed at one of the local USPS stations.

  • Can I mail packages from your location?

    Certainly, we accept small to large packages/parcels. USPS does have a weight limit of 70 pounds for mailing items. We’ll be happy to help you with packaging of your parcels.

  • Do you provide tracking on mail items?

    We offer several services for tracking through USPS and we will help with your tracking provided you have a tracking number.

  • Online tracking shows my package/letter to have been delivered?

    USPS scans your item(s) as delivered when placed on the truck for outgoing delivery, not when actual delivery is made to mail services. Other carriers may follow the same procedure as USPS. Mail Services will place a packing slip in your mail box when your package is delivered to ASU.

  • Can I have my mail forwarded after I leave ASU?

    ASU will only forward first class mail 30 days for permanent forwarding and 60 days for summer temporary forwarding.

  • I have lost my key, where do I get a new key?

    We can make you a new key within a few minutes. A new or replacement key will cost $25.

  • I live on campus but I do not need a mailbox.

    ASU Mail Services is considered an official method of communication for students therefore our policy requires students living on campus to have a mail box. Mailbox sharing is not allowed.

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