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Fort Concho Sketch

E.H. Danner Museum of Telephony

The E.H. Danner Museum of Telephony is located in Officers’ Quarters #4 at Fort Concho National Historic Landmark in San Angelo, TX. The museum opened 13 July 1990. Inside the museum, visitors can see over 100 telephones and other equipment related to the history of the telephone.

This site is dedicated to telephone history. The site features the telephones from the Danner Museum of Telephony in San Angelo, Texas. By viewing this website you will see early telephones and how technology has changed through the years. You will learn how phones work and the impact they have made on people’s lives. You can investigate the telephone’s role in world events. Throughout the site, you will meet people that were involved in the industry. After visiting the site we hope you will imagine what a phone of the future might look like or how people will communicate in the future and what changes are still to come.

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Creation of this site was a collaborative effort between Verizon, the Dr. Ralph R. Chase West Texas Collection and the Information Technology Department at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. Special thanks go to the members of the GTE Pioneers Club who were instrumental in the creation of the site. Two books were used extensively in the research of the site:

The Heritage of Time: The People and Times of GTE Southwest, 1876-1988 by Larry Johnson

The History of GTE: The Evolution of One of America’s Great Corporations by Thomas McCarthy

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