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Selection and Ordering Process

Most departments have a Library Committee representative who decides which items will enhance the Library’s collection. Faculty may submit orders through their department’s Library Committee representative. Authorized persons may place orders by submitting printed order cards, Email, or simply submit an electronic order.

Turn-around time varies as to the format of the materials ordered and ranges from two to twelve weeks. The arrival time can also vary with the date of publication/production.

Selection Guidelines
  • Decide whether a particular title should be purchased
  • Decide on the location for which book should be catalogued
  • Decide on which fund should be charged
Also, please note the following:
  • Does the item support an academic department’s instructional or research programs?
  • Does the item represent content not already available in another title in the collection?
  • Is the title at the appropriate level for this university?
  • Is the item affordable?
  • Is there already a copy in the Library?
  • Should a duplicate copy be acquired?
  • Send order request to Acquisitions
Ordering Procedures (For Acquisitions Staff)
  • Receive order request
  • Review request to make sure that it is complete (fund, location, selector name, etc)
  • Check on-line acquisitions system to make sure that this item isn’t going to arrive on one of the Library’s standing orders
  • If an unwanted duplicate arrives, return order request to selector with this information and the reason for cancellation. If order is for an added copy, may attach order record to an existing bibliographic record.
  • Decide on the method of acquisition.
  • Check order request in national on-line database to confirm information on order request, to learn if item is part of a series, to add ordering information that may have been omitted from order request.
  • May check Books-In-Print and other sources to make sure that item is available, at what price, and from what source
  • Select vendor from whom item can be obtained; if vendor is not in on-line acquisitions database, set up new vendor record.
  • Enter order records into Voyager to generate purchase order and create “on order” message in RAMCAT.
  • Upon receipt, the “on order” status is changed to “in process” as the material is passed to Cataloging.
  • Query vendor if order is not supplied on a timely basis; respond to any questions from vendor about format, edition, cost, etc. Reorder from another vendor if order is refused by first vendor.
  • Receive item and invoice; check to make sure that the correct item was supplied and arrange for return of incorrect shipments
  • Update on-line acquisitions system with receipt information; forward item for cataloging and note in on-line system where and when Acquisitions sent item, after annotating item with order number and location for which item will be catalogued; make sure that selector’s original cataloging treatment instructions travel with item to Cataloging Department.
  • Approve invoice for payment and forward invoice to Fiscal Office
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