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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does a state university need private support?

    Angelo State University is a state-assisted university with less than 32 percent of budgeted funds provided by state appropriations. State funding currently provides the means for providing basic education, while private funding supports many special programs and projects not possible through conventional funding sources. Examples of these are scholarships and fellowships, building projects and research. Many academic opportunities and enhancements that make ASU great are only available through private support.

  • What is the ASU Foundation?

    The ASU Foundation, originally called the Honorary Alumni Association, was created in 1967 to help the university attract support from private resources. It now administers many of the university’s fundraising activities. The purpose of the ASU Foundation is to build relationships between ASU and its donors and prospective donors. The foundation solicits, receives, invests and disburses private gifts that benefit ASU for purposes consistent with the university’s mission.

  • How can I make a gift?

    Making a gift to ASU is easy because there are so many ways to give – by phone, online or through the mail—with a check, credit card or appreciated asset. Read about how to make a gift now for more information.

  • What is the Annual Fund Campaign for ASU?

    Your support of the Annual Fund enhances the reputation of ASU and provides a vital source of funds to the university. The Annual Fund Campaign is our primary drive to raise funds for ASU and its programs. Annual gifts are critical to our success and each gift, large or small, adds value and excellence to our students’ education.

    Loyal ASU alumni, parents and friends contribute to the Annual Fund each year, helping meet the university’s ongoing need for flexible, unrestricted income to support our academic missions. As unrestricted gifts, these contributions are used by ASU on a daily basis where the needs are greatest. Your support to the Annual Fund goes directly to the area of your choice as a personal expression of your commitment to the university, its students, programs and goals.

  • I can’t make a large enough gift to make a difference. Why should I bother?

    We want all alumni and friends of ASU to give at whatever level they can. We are thankful for all our donors. Our goal each year is to increase the percentage of alumni who give. Without gifts of all sizes, it would be impossible to raise the funds that are essential for growing ASU, especially with declining state support.

  • Who decides how my gift will be used?

    You do. You may designate your gift to the university’s greatest needs or a particular college, program or department. You can also establish a scholarship, fellowship or professorship or provide funds to support other projects on campus. Regardless of the purpose, every gift makes a difference to ASU’s future.

  • What is an endowment and how do I create one?

    An endowment provides an ongoing source of funds for your designated project. Your gift is invested and only the investment income is used for the designated purpose each year. The minimum gift to create a scholarship endowment is $15,000, payable over a five-year period. Endowments can be created for scholarships, fellowships or professorships and for departments or programs.

  • I would like to make a gift every year, but don’t really have the money. How can I afford it?

    It is about participation! ASU alumni and friends can invest in students for $5 a month—that is a $60 annual gift. We make it easy to do with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). With your permission, the ASU Foundation will automatically withdraw an amount you specify from your checking account (around the 10th of each month) and allocate it to your area of interest.

  • How is my gift to the Annual Fund Campaign different from joining the Alumni Association?

    The Alumni Association and the Annual Fund are two separate programs. The Annual Fund Campaign raises money for the university, its colleges and various programs. The money is spent by the president, deans or program directors, based on the immediate needs of their respective areas.

    Alumni Association membership is your opportunity to stay involved with the university and your classmates through programs and events. We hope that you choose to support the Annual Fund and join the Alumni Association.

  • Is my gift tax-deductible?

    Gifts to ASU and the ASU Foundation are eligible for tax deductions to the full extent of the law. Consult with your tax advisor for specific guidance on your gift.

  • I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

    Please contact the Office of Development by phone at 325-942-2116 or by email at for more information about supporting ASU.

Your Gifts Make a Difference

The generosity of Robert G. and Nona K. Carr continues to help ASU students reach their academic goals.

The Carr Foundation has awarded $72 million in scholarships to more than 28,000 students since 1981. This is a great example of the impact that giving can have on a university.

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