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Space Change Request Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why fill out this form?

    This form tells us about a project where you plan to change the function of a room or rooms or you plan to alter the physical space of an area on campus. With this information, we can then update our inventory records with the state accurately so that THECB funding recommendations for our institution are fair and appropriate each year. Also, the Space Planning Coordinator will contact you with the next step to successfully complete your space need project.

  • How do I fill out this form?

    Fill out this form electronically or by hand, print, then obtain the necessary signatures.

  • Where do I send this form once it’s completed and signed?

    The form’s final destination should be with the Space Planning Coordinator.

  • Who is the Space Planning Coordinator?

    The Space Planning  Coordinator is in charge of conducting the annual space survey to update the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) on facility changes. The Space Planning Coordinator’s contact information is located here.

  • What does Change of Space Function mean?

    Are you converting a closet into an office? Are you converting an office into research lab? If your plans to change space involve something like these two examples, you are changing the function of a room. Essentially people will now be using your room(s) for a different purpose.

  • What does College Level Change mean?

    If you are moving to a different room that is not currently occupied by your college, you should select this choice. For example, the Norris-Vincent College of Business is wanting to house some faculty (office space needed) in rooms that were previously or are currently occupied by the College of Education.

  • What does Department Level Change mean?

    If you are moving to a different room that is not currently occupied by your department, you should select this choice. For example, the English Department wants to start holding classes in a class lab that is normally used by the History Department.

  • What does Improvement of Space/Remodeling or Enhancements mean?

    This designation includes adding or moving walls and doors, addition of utilities or data ports (for internet), or the addition or removal of the physical space of a room.

  • What does Discrepancies in Current Space Data mean?

    If our records of your rooms function, occupants, or anything else that we report to the state is in-accurate and there hasn’t been any alteration of space or change of function recently, use this designation to let us know that we need to update our records. To see if your rooms are reported accurately, search through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s listing of our entire room and building inventory.

  • Who is the Department or College’s Space Representative?

    Your department’s Space Representative is more than likely the head of your department (or your dean if you work directly for a dean). Your department’s Space Representative may instruct you to work with the department’s administrative assistant or secretary to fill out this form. The college’s space representative is the dean or VP of your division. The college’s space representative will best be able to judge whether your change will impact your college’s space usage efficiency (and therefore funding recommendations provided by the state each year).

  • What is Facilities Planning and Construction?

    Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C) is the department that will help you contract a builder to make any room alterations (cabinetry, construction of walls and doors, counter tops, new building construction). If your plans include alteration of space, they may need you to fill out their Building Modification Form, which is located on the FP&C web site.

  • Who is in charge of getting the signatures for this form?

    As the project lead for the changes you are requesting, and the expert on your project, you are in charge of getting the required signatures for this form. Signatures are required in the order in which they are listed. You may choose to walk the form by hand to each office for these signatures, or place a memo with the form through campus mail instructing each person about your project and who to send the form to next. Please contact the Space Planning Coordinator if you have any questions about filling out this form or the signature section.

What is SAARF?

The Space Allocation and Alteration Request Form (SAARF)

This is the form you fill out when you want to make an alteration to the physical space of a building, or when you want to change how you will be using a room.  You may choose to use our online form and we will distribute for approvals via email, or you can print the traditional PDF Form and circulate yourself for hand signatures.

Online SAARF


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