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Documenting a Disability

To be eligible for services and accommodations as a student with a disability, you need to provide documentation verifying your diagnosis.  Depending on the diagnosis or the date on the documentation, more recent documentation may be requested.


  • Documentation

    ASU Disability Documentation Criteria


    Professionals conducting this evaluation must be qualified to conduct an assessment, render a diagnosis and make recommendations for appropriate accommodations for adolescents and/or adults.

    The name, title and professional credentials of the evaluator (including information about licensure and/or certification) should be included on the report.

    Current Test

    Although a diagnosis may be considered lifelong, the severity of the condition may change over time.

    Because reasonable accommodations and services are based on ASU’s assessment of the current impact of an individual’s diagnosis on his/her academic performance, recent and appropriate documentation may be requested.

    Prior Documentation

    A high school plan, such as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan, is insufficient documentation of a disability. However, this type of documentation in addition to a current comprehensive assessment is useful in determining appropriate accommodations.


    For ASU’s purposes, required documentation includes information from a medical professional or diagnostician that verifies a student’s diagnosis.

  • Accommodations

    Disability Accommodations

    Accommodations are determined on an individual basis.

    Your documentation must provide evidence of deficiencies that justifies putting the accommodation(s) into place.

    Additionally, you can use many techniques on your own, such as effective study and time management practices, which will help make you more successful in the classroom.

    Submit the Equipment Checkout Form to request equipment.

  • Disclosing

    Disclosing or Not Disclosing a Disability

    You have the right not to provide documentation of a learning disability.

    However, ASU is under no obligation to provide accommodations if a student does not identify him/herself.

    If a student discloses a disabling condition to a faculty or staff member, that person should refer the student to the Office of Student Affairs for verification of the disability and determination of appropriate accommodations.

    Faculty and staff members are not authorized to provide accommodations prior to receiving official notification from the Office of Student Affairs.

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