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Available Services for Students with Disabilities

Angelo State University works to offer the disability services you need to be a successful student.

The disability accommodations outlined below are based on the most common disabilities we work with. Please also review our available learning devices for continued assistance. If services are not listed for your disability, please contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information.

  • Physical Disabilities

    Designated handicapped parking spaces are provided in each parking lot that serves a university building. Each building has access ramps and an elevator, as needed, to provide convenient access to all building activities.

    These campus residence halls have been adapted to meet the needs of students in wheelchairs or who have other physical disabilities:

    • Mary Massie Hall
    • Robert Massie Hall
    • Texan Hall
    • Centennial Village
    • Vanderventer Apartments

    If you would like to live in one of these halls with special accommodations, please notify the Housing and Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035 or

    If you encounter any issues regarding the accessibility of campus programs, services or facilities, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 325-942-2047.

  • Deaf or Hearing Impaired

    Students who are deaf or have partial to severe hearing loss can check out personal assisted-listening devices, request a sign language interpreter or use remote transcription services. The Office of Student Affairs works with students of all levels of hearing loss to ensure that classroom lectures are adequately communicated.

    Please read and complete one or both of these forms and return them to the Office of Student Affairs to request assistance from Angelo State:

  • Blind or Visually Impaired

    For students who are blind or have other visual impairments, the university provides a reading machine in the university library.

    The machine will scan a page of text and then read the page aloud to the student through headphones. If desired, the machine can produce a recording of the passage that the student may take.

    This machine is available during regular library operating hours. Students may also choose to record classroom lectures for review after class.

    The university also provides software called ZoomText with Fusion that is designed to enlarge text and includes text-to-speech functionality. The service is available in MCS 111 on computers 14, 15 and 16 and in the library on computer 23.

    The Office of Student Affairs also works with students who request audio-format textbooks and alternate format textbooks.

  • Medical/Learning Disabilities

    For students with medical or learning disabilities, the university may provide authorization for extended time to complete classroom tests (normally an extra 50 percent) and/or testing in a quiet, reduced-distraction environment.

    Students may also benefit from the accessible-format textbooks and text-to-speech software offered through the university. These are authorized on an individual basis and must be justified by documentation.

Temporary Disabilities

The Office of Student Affairs also offers accommodations to students with temporary disabilities such as concussions or broken limbs.

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