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Official Logos & Visual Elements

Angelo State University logos and graphics are trademarked and must be used according to our trademarks guide.

Faculty, staff and student organizations who are ordering products for internal use or promotional giveaways, should follow instructions for providing vendor access to trademarks.

The logos on this page are examples only and are available for staff and faculty. For high quality versions of these files, please use the files located on the ASU network:

J/News and Pubs/Graphics/ASU_trademarks.

If you have any questions or need help accessing the files, email

Information for Off-Campus Vendors

If you are an off-campus vendor and would like access to a university trademark for retail sales, follow just a few simple steps to become a licensed vendor. 

Official ASU logo Official ASU Logo

The ASU logo is our most prominent and visible symbol. It plays a vital role in promoting Angelo State University by providing a strong and recognizable graphic image.

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ASU Ram Device (Ram head logo) Ram Head Logo

The Ram Head is an abbreviated version of the official ASU logo, and may be used as a secondary mark where appropriate.

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Angelo State University Official Seal ASU Seal

The ASU Seal may be displayed on diplomas and certificates, on printed pieces of highest official rank and on the business papers of the Office of the President. The Official Seal is considered the most formal symbol of the institution and is reserved for the exclusive use of the President’s Office.

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Mascot Line Drawings

The Mascot Line Drawings are secondary marks designed for use when a more realistic representation of ASU’s official Rambouillet ram mascot, Dominic, is appropriate.

Available are the three-quarter view and head-on view.

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Primary Palette: ASU blue and ASU gold are our official colors and the primary palette we use to represent Angelo State University.

Pantone® 287C

Pantone® 287C
CMYK: C-100 M-68 Y-0 K-12
RGB: R-36 G-83 B-151
HEX: #245397

Pantone® 123C

Pantone® 123
CMYK: C-0 M-24 Y-94 K-0
RGB: R-240 G-195 B-59
HEX: #f0c33b

Supporting Palette: Our supporting palette is designed to complement our primary colors and allow them to stand out, while providing flexibility in design layouts. The supporting palette colors should only be used as accents.

Pantone® 655C

Pantone® 655
CMYK: C-100 M-68 Y-0 K-52
RGB: R-14 G-51 B-99
HEX: #0e3363

Pantone® 465C

Pantone® 465
CMYK: C-20 M-32 Y-58 K-0
RGB: R-196 G-169 B-124
HEX: #c4a97c

Pantone® 484C

Pantone® 484
CMYK: C-0 M-95 Y-100 K-29
RGB: R-154 G-40 B-30
HEX: #9a281e

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We chose a highly readable Charter font to represent our primary voice. A derivative of a traditional Roman face, Charter’s design also reinforces the same classical associations we recognize in our campus architecture, forms that evoke a sense of history, integrity and trust. It is a highly versatile typeface that is appropriate for a variety of applications from formal to casual. The larger size of the lower-case characters adds to its readability and makes it a very welcoming face.


Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue’s exceptional flexibility and readability at smaller sizes makes it an ideal complement to Charter, and best supports the expressive qualities of our identity. It is available in a wide range of styles and weights and is one of the most versatile and widely used typefaces in the world, with numerous languages and character sets. It is the definitive sans serif font, with a classic neutrality that allows it to be used for all types of communication.

Helvetica Neue

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We offer a variety of photographic services for the campus community. In addition to our university photographer, we also occasionally use local commercial photographers for some specialty and time-intensive projects. The use of these commercial photographers is also an option for departments, though the cost will be significantly higher. Our staff will work with you to accommodate your photographic needs in as timely and economical manner as possible.

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