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September 2011

Release Date: Sept. 8, 2011ASU Logo

New Awards Scheduled for ASU Faculty, Staff, Administrators

Twenty-three nominees have been announced for the inaugural Gary and Pat Rodgers Distinguished Awards honoring outstanding faculty, administrators and staff at Angelo State University.

Recipients of the three awards will be announced during the annual state of the university address and program at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14, in the C.J. Davidson Conference Center.

The Rodgers Distinguished Faculty Award nominees are: Dr. Susana Badiola, Dr. William Doll, Dr. Cathy Johnson, Dr. Crosby W. Jones Jr., Dr. Kimberly Livengood, Dr. Carolyn R. Mason and Dr. John C. “Trey” Smith.

Nominees for the Rodgers Distinguished Administrator Award are: Dr. Corbett F. Gaulden Jr., Dr. Scott Hasson, Preston Lewis, Dr. James Limbaugh, Dr. Linda Lucksinger, Dr. Leslie M. Mayrand, Greg Pecina, Paul Pillsbury, Katie M. Plum, John Russell, Dr. Steve Snowden, Dr. Jim Summerlin, Dr. Paul K. Swets, Dr. Sharynn M. Tomlin and Cindy Weeaks.

The nominee for the Rodgers Distinguished Staff Award is Heather Valle.

The Gary and Pat Rodgers Distinguished Awards were created by San Angelo native and former Angelo State student Gary Rodgers and his wife, Pat. Because of their association with many ASU employees over the years, the couple recognized the roles that faculty, staff and administrators perform to help ASU fulfill its mission to prepare students to be responsible and productive citizens. The Rodgers established the awards and provided a $2,500 honorarium for each recipient.

Dr. Jason Penry, ASU’s vice president for development, said, “All of us at Angelo State University are grateful for the Rodgers and the opportunity they have provided to recognize our outstanding employees. The Rodgers have made plans to permanently endow the awards. As a result, Gary’s and Pat’s legacy will be forever felt by future generations of faculty, staff and administrators at Angelo State.”

Penry said the award selection process for faculty and staff is spearheaded by the Student Government Association while the administrator award is selected through a joint effort of the Faculty and Staff Senates.

The nominees with their title and department at the time of the nomination as well as selected comments from their nomination letters are:


• Dr. Susana Badiola, assistant professor of philosophy, Political Science and Criminal Justice Department, recognized for her “willingness to go the extra mile in assisting students…great personality and overall great asset to ASU…understands where students are coming from.”

• Dr. William Doll, professor of theatre, Communication, Mass Media and Theatre Department, “teaches using lots of real life examples…he has put time into my future…I am physically disabled, and he went to every stretch and length to make sure that I could participate.”

• Dr. Cathy Johnson, associate professor of mass media, Communication, Mass Media and Theatre Department, for “sincere concern for students…and loves to help students do their best…Puts a lot of trust and responsibility into the students. Because she does this, the students learn.”

• Dr. Crosby W. Jones Jr., professor, Biology Department, “…spends countless hours at the school making himself available to help students…He has been influential in many students’ lives and is a true treasure at ASU!...You see and talk to him more than your own parents.”

• Dr. Kimberly Livengood, assistant professor, Curriculum and Instruction Department, “From her instruction, I can tell her heart is really focused on her students, and that way of thinking is passed to us for our own students…she illustrates how much she loves her job and her passion for education.”

• Dr. Carolyn R. Mason, associate professor, Physical Therapy Department, as “she is hard-working, patient, encouraging, and helpful…She was always there with a helping hand…supportive of students’ lives outside of school.”

• Dr. John C. “Trey” Smith, associate professor, Mathematics Department, “constantly encouraged me to excel and go beyond my limits…always shown interest in my success…could not have gotten through college without his help.”


• Dr. Corbett F. Gaulden Jr., dean, College of Business, “encourages excellence in both teaching and intellectual activity…One of his finer qualities is his dedication to the success and genuine welfare of the students.”

• Dr. Scott Hasson, head, Physical Therapy Department, for his “ability to establish a wonderful rapport with students and colleagues such that they are willing to assist him long after they have parted ways. He is comfortable pulling up anchor when outside issues require sailing elsewhere.”

• Preston Lewis, director, Office of Communications and Marketing, “leads by example and his work ethic is second to none…His devotion to the education and welfare of students is at the foundation of all he does.”

• Dr. James M. Limbaugh, vice president, Office of Strategy, Planning and Policy, “promotes transparency and open communication. He has taken it all in stride, to keep ASU moving forward building on its strengths.”

• Dr. Linda N. Lucksinger, head, Teacher Education Department, “encourages each of us to see all sides of an issue and determine action based on what is best for the university and the students…greatest compliment is to acknowledge her open door policy.”

• Dr. Leslie M. Mayrand, dean, College of Nursing and Allied Health, is “the epitome of excellent leadership…values diverse opinions while maintaining open communication with faculty, staff and students.”

• Greg Pecina, executive director, Office of Business Services, “represents ASU with pride and integrity…His affection for ASU is evident in his commitment to support the overall success of ASU for the benefit of our students.”

• Paul Pillsbury, associate director of mechanical services, Facilities Management, as “very proactive in open communication…His leadership skills have greatly impacted my life here at Angelo State University.”

• Katie M. Plum, director, Office of Sponsored Projects, “has established herself as an individual with a tireless attention to detail, utmost integrity and great deal of care for education…truly excellent asset to Angelo State University.”

• John Russell, director, Facilities Planning and Construction, is “committed to helping ASU obtain its goals and even exceed them…works hard to encourage and to insure that we learn all that we can and guides us through the thought process.”

• Dr. Steve Snowden, head, Kinesiology Department, “has placed the needs and interests of the faculty and staff before his own…I think some people are born leaders and he is one of those people.”

• Dr. Jim Summerlin, head, Curriculum and Instruction Department, for outstanding service “not only for his work and attention to his duties, but also for his dedication to students…His devotion is a constant reminder of the commitment and dedication an administrator should possess.”

• Dr. Paul K. Swets, head, Mathematics Department, “has demonstrated thoughtful vision and provided steady leadership…always willing to spend whatever time is necessary to ensure that the needs of individual students are being met.”

• Dr. Sharynn M. Tomlin, director, Center for International Studies, “I am amazed how she can think of new ideas or ways to improve existing programs…her positive attitude and willingness to succeed is something that many admire.”

• Cindy Weeaks, director of registrar services, Office of the Registrar, “perfect example of the term ‘excellent administrator’…she truly believes it is a great place to obtain an education and also be employed.”


• Heather Valle, coordinator for student organizations, as “her dedication to her job and to ASU shines through…she encourages students and has such a personal interest...displays so much interest in the success of ASU students and the university as a whole.”

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