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September 2010

Release Date: Sept. 8, 2010ASU Logo

ASU Agriculture Prof Awarded USDA Research Grant

Dr. Loree Branham, an assistant professor of animal science and research scientist at Angelo State University, has received a $44,582 grant sub-award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for participation in a multi-national research project.

Branham’s research will be part of a five-year, $2 million project titled “Practical Interventions to Effectively Manage Antibiotic Resistance in Beef and Dairy Cattle Systems: A Fully Integrated Approach.” The project will address minimizing antibiotic resistance throughout the food chain, which is an increasing concern in terms of public health.

“The overall goal of the project is to identify, evaluate and implement practical ways to manage antibiotic resistance in beef and dairy cattle,” Branham said. “This will be a multi-disciplinary, multi-state, multi-institutional integrated effort involving research, education and extension.”

The initial objectives of the project will be a review of current industry programs and guidelines to identify areas which need more research; field-testing practical interventions developed to effectively manage antibiotic resistance levels in beef and dairy production systems; and improving resistance surveillance programs in beef and dairy production systems.

Branham’s participation will mainly take place during years two and three of the project. She will work with Dr. Todd Brashears of Texas Tech University in using output from the initial objectives to revise current curricula, quality assurance and prudent-use guidelines. They will also work to disseminate the revised curricula to appropriate individuals and organizations through publications, presentations and workshops, which will target various levels of the industry, including individuals in underrepresented populations.

The project will also involve researchers based in Kansas, Colorado, New York and Ontario, Canada.

For more information, contact Branham in the ASU Agriculture Department at 942-2029, ext. 281.

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