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March 2009

Release Date: March 5, 2009

ASU Opens Full-Service Passport Office

Angelo State University’s Center for International Studies has opened the full-service ASU Passport Office that is now available for use by the campus community and the public.

ASU is now one of only four college campuses in Texas to have its own passport office, joining Texas Tech University, University of Texas and University of Texas-El Paso.

The ASU Passport Office officially opened on Feb. 16. Since then, staffers have already processed close to 40 passport applications for students, staff and community members. The office provides all the services available at the U.S. Post Office, including photos, applications, processing and renewals.

In addition to providing a more convenient passport application process for the campus community, one of the main motives for opening the new office is the new U.S. border restrictions that go into effect June 1. After that, all travelers wishing to venture outside the U.S. must have a passport, even at the Mexico border.

The ASU Passport Office is also set up to provide the new passport cards, which are about the size of a driver’s license and can substitute for a regular passport for land and sea border crossings to Mexico, Canada and parts of the Caribbean. However, air travelers will still need a regular passport.

For more information on utilizing the new ASU Passport Office, call the Center for International Studies at 942-2083, or visit the Passport Office website.

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