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March 2006

Release Date: March 22, 2006

President’s Circle Grants Go to 23 ASU Faculty, Students

Angelo State University President Dr. James Hindman has announced the 23 recipients of the 2006 President’s Circle Enrichment Grants designed to provide direct support for outstanding enrichment projects initiated by faculty and students.

The President’s Circle Enrichment Grants, now in their second year, are funded with a portion of the annual contributions of members of the ASU President’s Circle.

The 2006 recipients are faculty members Loren Ammerman, Bonnie Amos, James Forbes, Karl J. Havlak, S. Murat Kara, Elisabeth-Christine Muelsch, Joseph Satterfield and Lu Stephens as well as students Lori Barton, Staci Belk, Heather Berryman, Amy Burkey, Shaneka Calloway, Jonathan Dyess, Martha Ellis, Lynn Fogleman, Laura Lamoreaux, Molly McDonough, Cherise Montgomery, Lorrie Payne, Pauline Ringo, Angela Shaffer and Stephanie Voss.

The enrichment grants are helping fund the following projects:

  • Dr. Bonnie Amos, professor of biology, and Cherise Montgomery, biology undergraduate, will conduct fieldwork and analyze data for the Chisos Mountain Hedgehog Cactus study.
  • Laura Lamoreaux and Shaneka Calloway, graduate students in psychology, will attend the Association of Psychological Science Convention in New York City to present a research paper titled “Framing and Familiarity Influence Investment Decisions.” The research was conducted with the guidance of Dr. James Forbes, associate professor of psychology.
  • Staci Belk and Lynn Fogleman, graduate students in interdisciplinary child development and learning, will attend the International Reading Association meeting in Chicago to present a paper titled “Classic Literature Inspires Children’s Use of Knowledge, Ideas, and Technology (CLICKITs).” The research was conducted with the guidance of Dr. Judith A. Hakes, professor of education, and Dr. Marilyn Eisenwine, associate professor of education.
  • Angela Shaffer, English graduate student, will travel to Tucson to conduct research on the oral traditions of the Tohono O’oodham tribe of the Sonoran desert. The research will be conducted under the guidance of Dr. John Wegner, associate professor of English.
  • Stephanie Voss and Heather Berryman, physical therapy graduate students, received funds for equipment and supplies to conduct a research project titled “Acute Effects of Static Stretching and Dynamic Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance.” The research will be conducted under the guidance of Dr. Ron Bybee, physical therapy professional specialist, and Dr. Allyn Byers, associate professor of physical therapy.
  • Dr. Loren Ammerman, assistant biology professor, and Molly McDonough, biology graduate student, received funds for travel expenses, research supplies and permits to travel to Ecuador to conduct research titled “Tracking Andean Speciation Events among Free-Tailed Bats in Eastern Ecuador.”
  • Dr. Lu Stephens, assistant professor in teacher education, and education graduate students Martha Ellis, Lori Barton, Pauline Ringo, Lorrie Payne and Amy Burkey will attend the Texas Council of Women Executive Educators meeting in Austin to make a presentation and receive special recognition.
  • Dr. Karl J. Havlak, assistant professor of mathematics, will purchase equipment to enhance the teaching of the online college algebra course.
  • Dr. Elisabeth-Christine Muelsch, professor of French, will travel to the University of Oregon library to study Ernest Haycox’s materials in preparation for a new French course to be taught at ASU.
  • Dr. James Forbes, associate professor of psychology, and Dr. S. Murat Kara, associate professor of economics, will conduct a pilot study titled “The Effect of Fees on Adults’ Investment Decisions.”
  • Dr. Joseph Satterfield, assistant professor of geology, and Jonathan Dyess, undergraduate student in physics, will conduct Big Bend research titled “Mapping Folds in Sierra del Carmen, Big Bend National Park.”

Originally, created as the Honorary Alumni Association in 1967, the President’s Circle is dedicated to helping advance the mission of ASU. President’s Circle members include alumni, faculty, staff, community/business leaders and friends of ASU who contribute $1,000 or more annually to provide the university with the discretionary funds critical to reacting immediately to challenges and opportunities while providing an excellent education to ASU students.

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