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January 2006

Release Date: January 18, 2006

Planetarium Takes Audience on Quest to Solar System’s Outer Reaches

The Angelo State University Planetarium will send audiences on an amazing sight-and-sound quest for extrasolar planets when “In Search of New Worlds” begins Thursday, Jan. 19.

Scientists and philosophers have pondered the expanses of the universe for centuries, as have laymen who peer at the twinkling stars overhead on a clear, moonless night.

Does the Universe abound with countless planets teeming with life? Are we on the edge of a new era, soon to discover life elsewhere in the universe? Will at least one of those countless other “new” planets provide some hint that we share the vastness of space with other intelligent life? Or, are we alone in the universe?

“In Search of New Worlds” helps answer these questions by presenting a comprehensive look at the search for other worlds, using special effects and computer animation.

The program will be shown at 8 p.m. each Thursday through March 9 in the Planetarium, which is located in the Vincent Nursing-Physical Science Building, 2333 Vanderventer Ave. Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for children, students and senior citizens. There is no charge for ASU students, faculty and staff.

For additional information, call 942-2136 or visit the Planetarium Web site

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