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At Angelo State University, we understand and value the role that parents and families play in helping their students get on their feet during college and beyond. Below are some frequently asked questions about how Career Development can also help your student.

What help is available for my student if he or she can’t decide on a major?

Our website offers access to the What Can I Do With This Major? database of careers as well as this How To Choose a Major information. For a one-on-one counseling session, students can contact the Career Development Office at 325-942-2255 or

When should my student visit with Career Development staff?

The earlier the better! We offer students help in developing a four-year plan to help them get on a career-minded track early in their higher education experience. We also provide help to underclassmen who have not yet decided on a major.

We strongly encourage your student to use our services when beginning to write a résumé, looking for an internship, preparing for an interview or looking for full-time employment.

What aspects of the job search do you provide help with?

We provide several services to help your student be interview-ready. We set up résumé critiques, mock interviews and on-campus interviews with employers. Students also have access to our career advising services.

How can my student get help with résumés, interviewing and job search strategies?

Students are encouraged to contact the Career Development staff at 325-942-2255 or to set up a one-on-one appointment. 

Where can I learn about career events planned on campus?

Our website maintains a job fairs page with announcements about upcoming career events.

Can I visit Career Development and/or meet with a career advisor to discuss my student’s career options?

We are happy to give parents career information, but students need to take on the primary responsibility for their own career development. Encourage your student to visit the Career Development Office to discuss career concerns.

Is my student guaranteed a job after graduation?

We help students learn how to get a job and make contacts with employers. We provide educational support, but we are not an employment agency.

How can I support the career development of ASU students?

If you own a business and have internships or full-time (degree required) jobs available, recruiting at one of our career fairs is an excellent way to fill positions and gain exposure. Another option is to contact the Career Development Office about scheduling a day of on-campus interviews with students who meet your qualifications.

If you would like to be a featured guest speaker on career topics such as effective interviewing or interview attire, please contact Career Development at 325-942-2255 or

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