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Four-Year Career Plan

Begin your college career by creating your personal career plan. Review the checklist to determine what items you need to complete during each year of your college experience. Each opportunity you choose will allow you to build your experience and strengthen your resume for the job search.

  • Freshman


    Checklist of Goals
    • Orient yourself to college life:
      • Academic support & student program building locations
      • Make study commitments
      • Get involved now!
    • Keep your options open while exploring the academic world through electives and considering possible future internships
    • Make an appointment to meet with a Career Coach to discuss:
    • Get Involved!
    • Create a “living” resume or translate your high school resume to a college one:
      • Visit our résumé website for résumé writing tips and tools
    • Attend Career Fair to:
      • Start creating your professional network
      • Learn about occupations and employers in your fields of interest
  • Sophomore


    Checklist of Goals
    • Schedule a meeting with a Career Coach to discuss:
      • Your major and experiential education opportunities
    • Talk with faculty and professionals in your field(s) of interest:
      • Enhance your network & knowledge
      • Determine if additional education will be required
    • “Reality-Test” your career options:
    • Build onto your resume:
      • Visit our résumé website for tips & resources
      • Meet with a Career Coach for suggestions for improvement
    • Attend Career Fairs to:
      • Build your network
      • Learn about occupations & employers in your field of interest; think “internships”
      • Find out what skill set employers are seeking
    • Get serious about your social media:
  • Junior


    Checklist of Goals
    • Reassess your career goals, develop your plan B option and monitor your academic progress
    • Gain valuable experience:
      • Seek leadership positions in student organizations to develop marketable skills
      • Establish goals for a summer &/or fall internship that focuses on a specific area in your field
    • Utilize Career Development:
      • Resume critiques
      • Mock interviews
      • On-campus interviews
      • Networking
    • Research graduate or professional schools:
      • Admission test(s)
      • Determine your references
      • Note application deadlines
    • Continue to update your resume & fine-tune your job search skills:
    • Attend Career Fairs to:
      • Expand your professional network
      • Market yourself
      • Narrow down prospective companies for employment
  • Senior


    Checklist of Goals
    • Shift job search into high gear:
    • Narrow your choices of graduate or professional schools:
      • Take admission test(s)
      • Request recommendation letters
      • Apply for scholarships
      • Complete applications
    • Attend Career Fairs to:
      • Identify & target employment opportunities
      • Get “the scoop” on their interview & hiring process(es)
      • Refine your job search skills
    • Polish your professional image:
      • Update your resume & start applying for jobs
      • Purchase professional attire
      • Clean up your social media accounts
    • Harness the power of networking:
      • Information sessions
      • Join professional organizations (student rates are cheaper.)
      • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook)
      • Faculty, family & friends
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Continue to obtain relevant experience
      • Participate in an Etiquette Dinner
      • Complete the First Destination Survey

Click Here to download a copy of the Four-Year Career Plan

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