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Prohibited Areas for Campus Carry at Angelo State

  • Signs and Notices

    When a location is always off limits for concealed carry, the 30.06 signs will be permanently affixed in conspicuously locations.

    At events and venues off limits due to exclusion by statute, such as sporting events, portable 30.06 signs will be placed at the entrances.

    This is Angelo State University’s 30.06 sign. If you see this sign, concealed carry is prohibited in this area or building on campus. 

    Campus Carry Sign

  • Prohibited Locations and Events

    Texas statutes identify seven categories of venues where concealed carry is prohibited. There are 12 areas at Angelo State that fall under these categories:

    1. The Junell Center-Stephens Arena, when sporting events are being conducted.
    2. LeGrand Stadium at 1st Community Credit Union Field, when sporting events are being conducted.
    3. Mayer Field, when sporting events are being conducted.
    4. Foster Field at 1st Community Credit Union Stadium, when sporting events are being conducted.
    5. The ASU Soccer Field, when sporting events are being conducted.
    6. Premises where any NCAA sanctioned competition is being held.
    7. Premises where any UIL sanctioned competition is being held.
    8. Premises where any Board of Regents meeting is being held.
    9. Premises where any other official governmental meeting is being held.
    10. Premises where polling is being conducted for local, state or federal elections.
    11. The University Counseling Center.
    12. The University Health Clinic operated by Shannon Hospital.

    Additionally, input from faculty staff and students has resulted in the following premises, venues or events being declared as off limits to concealed carry:

    1. Any laboratory, room or storage area where chemical(s) with a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) label that lists a particular chemical(s) as a 3 or higher in any category of flammability, instability, or health hazard or is listed as radioactive in the special hazard category.
    2. Any laboratory for which federal law, licensing agreements or a contractual research agreement precluded the presence of firearms.
    3. Any university event where alcohol is being served by an organization under Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules and regulations.
    4. University commencement ceremonies.
    5. Any premises in which a program, activity or camp is conducted for minors.
  • Other Specific Venues or Events

    Other specific premises or venues may be declared off limits by the university president. Requests for off-limits events can be made to the Campus Carry Committee by submitting Request For Exclusion of Campus Carry.

    Event planners will need to take into account the need for signage and notify the ASU Special Events office at least two weeks prior to the event.


Report a Violation

To report violation of the “Campus Carry” policy, such as open display of a handgun, contact:

Angelo State University Police
1702 W. Avenue N San Angelo, TX
ASU Station #11012, San Angelo, TX 76909

More About Campus Carry

Frequently Asked Questions

Request for Off-Limits Event

Complete this Request for Campus Carry Exclusion Form and we will contact you about your event or program.

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