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Track and Field

2021 Regional Track and Field Meet

Friday, April 23, through Saturday, April 24, 2021
  • Entries and Fees

    Entry fees for all athletic contests are covered by a flat fee and are non-refundable. Fees must be paid through the District Director in accordance with the Schedule of Fees.

    Hy-Tek Meet Manager software system should be used for all area meet results. Complete area meet results should be sent by Sunday, April 18, at 5:00 pm via email or fax to:
    James R. Reid
    FAX: 325-942-2158

  • Meet Entry Procedures

    COACHES OF QUALIFYING ATHLETES MUST ENTER THEIR ATHLETES THROUGH DIRECT ATHLETICS MEET ENTRY PROGRAM. The coach of each qualifying athlete must enter their athlete(s) in the appropriate event(s) on the web-based meet entry service no later than Sunday, April 19, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. Coaches must enter athletes’ performances from the District or Area Meet (whichever meet was used for advancement to the Regional Meet) NOT their “all time best mark” for heating and seeding purposes, and these marks will be verified by the Regional Director prior to packet pick up.

    NOTE: Individual names of relay teams MUST be reported in the meet results that are sent to the Regional Meet Director. Coaches, when you are entering your relay teams in the regional meet, you may list the four runners that ran at the area meet plus TWO (2) alternates. Any changes to these six (6) athletes must be made at the coaches’ meeting, and match what names are listed on the relay card the day of the prelims. Any of the six (6) names listed on the relay card submitted on the first day of the meet may run at any time during the meet. Coaches, remember the UIL Rule of only three (3) running events per athlete including relay participation.

    NOTE:  After entering athletes on DirectAthletics, please print a confirmation of your entries and bring with you to the coaches meeting on April 24th.
  • Meet Schedule

    There are specific start times for each event, it is NOT a rolling schedule. A detailed meet schedule will be included in each coaches’ packet. In case of inclement weather or other unusual circumstances, the university reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the schedule.

  • Packet Pick-Up/Coaches’ Meeting

    A mandatory pre meet Coaches’ Meeting and Packet Pick Up will be Friday, April 23, at 8:30 a.m. in classrooms B-C of Angelo State University’s Junell Center.

  • Substitutions

    In the event a qualified contestant is unable to compete (due to injury, illness, eligibility, etc.) the coach or school administrator whose athlete WILL NOT compete should notify the coach or school administrator of the next highest place finisher in order that the vacancy may be filled. YOU MUST ALSO NOTIFY THE REGIONAL MEET OFFICE IN WRITING VIA EMAIL OR FAX*:

    James R. Reid

    Fax:  325-942-2158

    *If faxing, notification must be on official school letterhead and sent as soon as possible after knowing of the change.

  • Athlete Check-In

    Running Events

    All running event athletes must check in at the blue tent adjacent to the warm up area and receive hip numbers for their race. All four relay members must check in at the same time for uniform check and to turn in their relay card. Athletes will be escorted to the starting line prior to each race.

    Field Events

    All field event competitors will check in at the event site prior to the start of the event, any competitor not checked in prior to the event starting may not be allowed to compete.

    Pole Vault

    Each pole vault competitor must check in to be weighed and have poles checked based upon the following schedule:
          Friday, April 23
             Boys - 11 a.m.
             Girls - 1:30 p.m.

    Each athlete will be weighed and have “legal” poles marked for competition, illegal poles will not be allowed in the vaulting venue.

    Relay Cards

    Each team with a relay entered into the regional championships will receive a relay card in their packet for each relay team. The team must have their completed relay card at the time of check-in. The six (6) athletes listed on the relay card for the preliminaries will be the only six athletes eligible to compete during the regional championships. Therefore, you will not need an additional relay card for finals.

    Competitor Numbers

    Every athlete entered into the meet will be assigned a competitor number that must be worn on the front of their jersey during competition (pole vault competitors may wear theirs on the back of their jersey). Each athlete must have a competitor number at the time of check-in for their respective events.

  • Implement Weigh-In

    All contestants must have their discus and shot put weighed and inspected at the track. Weigh-in schedule is as follows:

    Friday, April 23 - Pole Vault

    Boys - 11:00 am
    Girls - 1:30 pm

    Friday, April 23 - Shot Put

    Opens 11:00 a.m.
    Closes 45 minutes prior to the start of the event

    Saturday, April 24 - Discus

    Opens 9:00 a.m.
    Closes 45 minutes prior to the start of the event

    Implement certification will be located at the back entrance to of the Junell Center. Only MEET CERTIFIED implements will be allowed in the event area.

  • Admission

    Contestants with numbers, two coaches, and one athletic trainer will be admitted free. There will be an admission charge of $8.00 per day for adults and $5.00 per day for students. A two-day pass is available for adults for $12.00.

  • Entrance to Complex

    Athletes/Coaches may enter LeGrand Stadium at any gate. Spectators may enter only through the north or south spectator entrances. All athletes will gain entrance with their competitor number, you will receive two (2) coaches wristbands, and one (1) extra wristband for total of three (3) only.

  • Results

    Results and event schedule and meet information will be available from this webpage following the conclusion of the entire day’s competition.

  • Protests

    Protests must be filed within 15 minutes of the conclusion of an event. Only coaches may file a protest. Coaches may NOT look at finish line pictures. If a coach has a question, the coach should submit a request (in writing) for the meet referee to look at the finish line photo.

  • Awards

    We will award the top three finishers in each event immediately following each finals of each event. Coaches, please remind your student athletes that we will escort them to the awards podium immediately following their events and to help us by moving quickly in that direction to expedite the process. Team trophy presentation will be done following the 4x400-meter relay awards on Saturday afternoon.

  • Concession Stand

    The concession stand will be open both days with a variety of food options. For information regarding team “meal deals” please contact Richard Gonzalez with ASU Concessions at 325-374-4264 or by email at

  • Parking

    Coaches please park buses along the street or in the northern most Junell Center parking lots. Please keep LeGrand Sports Complex lot open for spectator parking only.

  • Camps

    Team camps/tents will be allowed adjacent to and in the warm up area or under and in the east grandstands. NO tents will be allowed in the west side grandstand bleachers.

  • Notes

    • Track and runways have solid full pour urethane surfaces—¼” pyramid spikes only please. Use only tape on track surfaces for marks and relay exchange marks—no chalk or raised makers allowed.
    • The Regional Meet will be conducted in accordance with all NFHS and UIL Track and Field rules and procedures.
    • The 800-meter run will be a “final only” and start from a one turn stagger with two per lane and break at the break point; the 1600-meter and 3200-meter run will be run as a “final only” from a waterfall start.
    • No radios, video, or digital camcorders, ipods, ipads, or cell phones are allowed at ANY TIME in the area of competition, track, infield, or training tent.
    • The warm up area is restricted to the upper field south of the discus sector.
  • T-Shirts

    Commemorative Championship T-shirts will be available for $20.00 each. Cash or checks accepted.

  • Meet Director

    Tom Dibbern
    FAX: 325-942-2158


For more information, contact the Meet Director or the Athletic Director.


  April 23-24, 2021

LeGrand Stadium at First Community Credit Union Field

Meet Director

Tom Dibbern
Phone: 325-763-9357
FAX: 325-942-2158

Meet Referee

Mr. Randy Hutchins


Contestants with numbers, two coaches, and one athletic trainer will be admitted free. There will be an admission charge of $8.00 per day for adults and $5.00 per day for students. A two-day pass is available for adults for $12.00.

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