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Golf Tournament

2021 Regional Golf Tournament events are in development. Information will be posted as plans are finalized.

Girl’s golf tournament will be held at Bentwood Country Club

Boy’s golf tournament will be held at Quicksand Golf Course

Practice rounds are only allowed one day. Rounds may begin for the boys at Quicksand after 11:00 am and for the girls at Bentwood after 2:30 pm.

  • Entries and fees

    Entry fees for all athletic contests are covered by a flat fee and are non-refundable. Fees must be paid through the District Director in accordance with the Schedule of Fees.

    A copy of all regional entries must be sent to:
    James R. Reid
    Fax: 325-942-2158

    All entries must be emailed or faxed IMMEDIATELY after the district tournament.

  • Schedule

    Dates to be determined - Practice Rounds - contact the golf course directly for times practice rounds are available.

    Boys at Quicksand Golf Course

    Girls at Bentwood Country Club Golf Course

    COACHES’ MEETING: 8:00 pm, Junell Center/Stephens Arena, Classroom C/D


    Boys at 8:00 a.m. at Quicksand Golf Course

    Girls at 9:00 a.m. at Bentwood Country Club Golf Course


    Girls at 8:00 a.m. at Bentwood Country Club Golf Course

    Boys at 9:00 a.m. at Quicksand Golf Course


    Round 1 - Boys

    Round 1- Girls

    Round 2 - Boys

    Round 2- Girls

  • Coaches’ Meeting

    There will be a coaches’ meeting (for both boys and girls) at 7:00 p.m. Sunday, April 19, in Classrooms B-C in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena on South Jackson Street.

  • Course Website

    Quicksand Golf Course -

    Bentwood Country Club Golf Course -

  • Practice Rounds

    Individuals and/or teams qualifying for regional golf play may be permitted one practice round of 18 holes at the site of the regional tournament. There will be one tee time per team.

    Practice rounds are only allowed Sunday, April 19. Contact the golf course directly to schedule a practice round and for fee cost. Cart fees will be charged for ride.

    Quicksand Golf Club, 325-482-8337

    Bentwood Country Club Golf Course, 214-277-4122

  • Rules

    Play will be governed by UIL and USGA rules. Coaches and contestants should familiarize themselves with rules contained in the Interscholastic League Constitution and Contest Rules and the Regional Athletic Director’s Spring Meet Handbook.

    All matches shall be played under U.S. Golf Association rules with the following exceptions:

    • Caddies/Electric Carts Prohibited. Contestants may not use caddies or electric carts during district, regional, or state matches. Pull carts may be used, but participants are required to begin the round with a pull cart if one is desired. Students with disabilities as defined by ADA may apply for a waiver. Contact the UIL office for details.
    • Hazards Designated by Tournament Director. After a player hits two consecutive shots into a hazard, the next shot will be played from a designated drop area between the hazard and the green if permitted by the tournament director.
    • Nine Stroke Limitation. In regional and state competition, a player shall pick up the ball and record a score of nine after the eighth stroke of the hole. If a player continues to play, the player is not disqualified, but must count all shots played.
  • Disqualifications

    According to UIL rules, a player disqualified for an unsportsmanlike conduct violation COULD have all scores posted by the player not count toward the team score.

    For example, a player disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct during the first round will not be allowed to continue. First round scores of a player disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct during the second round may or may not be cancelled. Thus, the first day or second day score may not be used for the team score.

    Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as profane, vulgar and/or abusive language audible to others; carelessly and/or deliberately throwing clubs; verbalizing with intent of intimidation; or exhibiting behavior not in accordance with spirit of fair play. First consideration of penalty should be per USGA rules. If the golfer’s action warrants, penalty may be disqualification for the round, and/or in the opinion of the tournament director the violation is flagrant, disqualification could be for the tournament.

    Please note that in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf, a player who cannot complete the round because of illness or injury is not subject to disqualification for the remainder of the tournament if the tournament director of the Rules Committee is notified and the reason satisfactory.

  • Coaches/Spectators

    The following rules should be discussed with coaches regarding parents and interested spectators. It is the coach’s responsibility to inform parents and supporters of their athletes of the following rules. Parents and interested spectators should be reminded that they are spectators and it is NOT their responsibility to report possible violations. Rule violations should be reported by the players or the marshals of the meet. Parents and interested spectators should stay a substantial distance from competitors during play. After play has started, parents and interested spectators MAY NOT coach “or advise” players. A player is subject to a two (2) stroke penalty on the first offense and disqualification by tournament officials if the “coaching” continues. On course encouragement, support, applause, etc., is not considered coaching or advising; therefore, it is permissible.

    Coaches are allowed, in fact encouraged, to talk with their players as long as it does not constitute slow play and complies with UIL rules listed below:

    • A coach may engage (coach) with the player(s) from tee to green. Once a player steps onto the green, NO coaching is allowed until all participants have finished the hole.
    • At district, regional and state competition, only one (1) coach is allowed to coach that team or individual once play has begun that day for that team or player(s).
    • The intent of the “one coach” rule per team or individual is not to limit a coach from coaching but rather limit the amount of coaches per school.
    Important Note: Private golf carts are not allowed at Quicksand Golf course.
  • Results

    Results and event schedules/brackets will be available following the conclusion of the entire day’s competition. Media members may request results by fax or email by calling 325-942-2378. Please do not call the courses for results.

    2019 Final Results

    Final Results

    Final Results

    2019 Day 1 Results


    Full Results


    Full Results


For more information, contact the Tournament Director or the Athletic Director.


Dates to be determined

Practice round: 

Boys - Quicksand Golf Course
Jack Hutchison, Tournament Director
2305 Pulliam Street

Girls - Bentwood Country Club Golf Course
Brett Baylin
2111 Club House Lane

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