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Chapter Rosters

In order to keep an accurate record of membership, you must update the statuses of your members each semester. The Greek Life Coordinator, or designee, will be sending a link to your ASU email of your roster.

Please know that there is a due date established for Rosters to be completed. If your roster is not completed by the due date, it will affect your chapter members eligibility. For a consistent reference, please see the instructions below for updating your roster:

  1. Obtain Google Sheet Link to your roster from Greek Life staff member, as well as the due date.
  2. Removing or changing the status of a member
    • Highlight the name in Red and update their status column accordingly
      • A=Active
      • I=Inactive – Leave of absence, or someone who is still a member but will not be considered active for the Spring.
      • S=Severed – a member who has completely been removed from the chapter and is no longer a member of any status within your chapter.
      • D=Depledged – a new member who never was initiated and left the chapter or was removed from the chapter
      • G=Graduated
  3. Updating information about current members
    • Edit/update information such as positions, contact information, etc.
    • When a member’s information is changed/updated, please highlight this change in yellow.
  4. Adding New Members
    • Once formal recruitment has concluded, please update your roster with new member information at the bottom of the roster under the “new member” section.
    • For informal or COB, please add new members in a separate area below formal new members. 
  5. Adding Members Back onto the roster
    • During the open roster editing period, you may add previous inactive members back onto your roster. Please highlight these individuals.
    • Members that are added outside of the editing period will not be considered for GPA ranking at the conclusion of the semester.
  6. When Finished:
    • Send an email to the Greek Life Coordinator indicating your roster is completed and finalized. Once this is done, your access will be changed to “view only” and you will not be able to make any changes without approval from the Greek Life Coordinator.
    • If this editing period falls during the winter break, please note that your RSO renewal form is also due. Please click the link below to complete that form and turn it into the Greek Life coordinator with signatures from each person. RSO Renewal Form: Due by the beginning of every Spring semester.
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