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Alpha Class

Alpha Class is our required new member education program. The program consists of workshops that address topics such as hazing, responsible alcohol management, violence prevention, scholarship, leadership, and what it means to be a member of our Greek community. Each small group session consists of a general presentation and discussion among the new members about the topic. 


Upon completion of Alpha Class, you will receive education on Fraternity & Sorority Life and connect with other new members across other organizations before being initiated into your respective chapters. If the program is completed with perfect attendance, students are eligible to receive their first Greek Letter, “Alpha,” as you enter into our Greek Life family.


If you are a new member of a social Fraternity or Sorority, your attendance is required unless an proper excuse is approved by the Greek Life Coordinator.


Registration for Alpha Class will open Fall 2019. Please contact the office of Fraternity & Sorority Life for more information.


Alpha Class takes place on Wednesday’s during the fall semester at 6:00 PM. A total of 4/5 classes will be held at the beginning of the fall semester. The Fall 2019 schedule will be released in August of 2019.

For those joining fraternity & sorority life in the spring, please contact our office for our online module.

All new members must attend.

Absences & Excuses

Please email the Fraternity Sorority Adviser, Jarett Lujan, all absences or excuses at least 24 hrs before missing a class to get your excuse approved. 

Informal/COB Students

Spring Formal, Informal, and COB recruited students are required to take the online version of Alpha Class. Please click the link below to access the slideshow and begin working on the quizzes. Pay special attention to what you need to pass.

Alpha Class Online

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