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Undergraduate Research Projects

Ashley Brandon, Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Determination of Acrylamide Content in French Fries”

Jonathan Dyess, Physics
“Mapping Folds in Sierra Del Carmen and Making Plate-Tectonic Interpretations from Fold Relations”

Benjamin Frogge, Biology
“Comparison of Denning Habits of Ringtails (Bassariscus astutus) in the Edwards Plateau Region of Texas”

Chris Hansen, Mathematics
“Modeling Heating/Cooling a Home”

Margaret Hubbell, Physics
“Computational Determination of Stability for Various Intracellular Molecules”

Jared Kinyon, Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Improved Synthesis of Tetrathiophene Based Macrocycles for Mono-Molybdenum Enzyme Mimics”

Morgan Lynch, Physics
“The Field Emission Properties of Gallium Nitride Nanoribbons”

Michael Martinez, Biology
“Analysis of Floral Attractants in Callirhoё scabriuscula

Kristen Peterson & Meagan Saldua, Physics
“Investigation of Sound Wave Resonance and Damping in a Hollow Right Cylinder”

Heather B. Rogers, Agriculture
“Consumer Acceptance of a Jalapeño German Sausage Utilizing a Dehydrated Jalapeño Product”
“Development of a Consumer Acceptable Jalapeño Cheese German Sausage”

Cassidy Smith, Physics
“VLBI Imaging of Active Galactic Nuclei”
“High Sensitivity Array Imaging of Radio-Quiet Quasars”

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