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Graduate Research Projects

Carson M. Brown, Biology
“Natural History and Population Genetics of the Endangered Mexican Long-Nosed Bat, Leptonycteris nivalis
“Sexual Segregation and Community Composition: A Seasonal Perspective on the Bats of the Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park”
“Genetic Population Structure of a Migratory Bat, Leptonycteris nivalis: Implications for the Conservation of an Endangered Species”

Leslie M. Cook & Katherine N. Huffman, Physical Therapy
“The Relationship Between BMI and Cardiovascular Fitness in West Texas 4 th and 5 th Graders”

John Ross Copeland, Agriculture
“Parasite Resistance Determined by Genetics and Species Variation in Rambouillet and Dorper Sheep”

Adam Ferguson, Biology
“Genetic Validation of Cryptic Species: A Case Study Involving African Shrews”

Gema Guerra, Biology
“Geographic Variation Within the Western Spotted Skunk, Spilogale gracilis
“Genetic Variation Within the Western Spotted Skunk, Spilogale gracilis

Christopher A. Hicks & Brandon W. Hons, Physical Therapy
“Cardiovascular and Metabolic Responses to Active and Passive Repetitive Lumbar Spine Exercises”

Matthew Hughes-Severtson, Physical Therapy
“The Effect of PNF Contract-Relax Technique on Bilateral Hip Range of Motion When Applied Unilaterally”

Kristi Kirkland & Brynne Matula, Physical Therapy
“The Effect of Lifewave Energy Patches on Aerobic Performance”

Christopher A. Lambaren & Larry J. Lambaren, Physical Therapy
“Correlation Between Navicular Height and BMI of College-Aged Adults”

Laura Lamoreaux, Psychology
“Does Children’s Perspective Taking, Empathy and Prosocial Behavior Predict Their Choice of Movie Hero?”

Robert Stan Leeper, Nursing
“Early Childhood Obesity: A Project to Describe Physical Activity in an Elementary School Setting”

Teresa Lesley & Bryant McNutt, Physical Therapy
“The Efficacy of a Diabetes Prevention Program Targeting 3 rd and 5 th Graders”

Molly McDonough & Adam Ferguson, Biology
“Bat Hunting in Ecuador: Results from Two Months in the Field”

Corey J. Owens, Agriculture
“ Mesquite Control Options for Urban and Suburban Settings”

Kelly D. Schneider & Mandy C. Hesseltine, Physical Therapy
“A Comparison of ‘Two’ Separate Sports Drinks on Aerobic Performance”

Angela Shaffer, English
“Battling the Borders: Contemporary Influences on Tohono O’Odham Oral Traditions”

Jerrie Smithwick & Mary Cobb, Nursing
“Measuring Core Body Temperature in the Clinical Setting: A Comparison of Tympanic, Naso-Pharyngeal, and Temporal Artery Methods: A Pilot Study”

Jennifer L. Trudeau, Physical Therapy
“Reach Strategies During Reach to Grasp in Children Ages 2 and 3 Years”

Farah Galo Ulat, Physical Therapy
“Characteristics of Reaching Within a 150 Degree Arc of 5 and 6 Year-Old Children”

Stephanie Voss & Heather Helwig, Physical Therapy
“Acute Effects of Static Stretching and Dynamic Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance”

Durcilla Williams, Nursing
“Endometriosis Education in Adolescents: Screening and Educational Intervention”

Carolyn Zapata, Nursing
“Faith Healer”

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