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Swim Lessons at ASU

* Due to COVID-19, Swim Lessons has been cancelled for Summer 2020.

Lessons are $60 per participant for Preschool through Adult Levels and $50 for Parent and Child.

If a lesson must be canceled due to weather or facility issues, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

Classes will not exceed five students per one instructor.  All instructors are American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors.

Registration Information

Swimming Lessons Registration for Summer 2021 will open Monday, May 10th, 2021. 

Registration can be made by visiting our office in the Center for Human Performance, Room 112, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. We accept payments in cash, credit, or check (made payable to: Angelo State University). Same day registration will not be allowed without specific permission from the Assistant Director for Aquatics/Facility Management. Participants must register prior to the registration deadline to ensure proper instructor/participant ratios and general safety. Registrations after the deadline may be considered based upon participant enrollment but can not be guaranteed.

Participants will be evaluated on the first day of class to confirm that their individual skills meet course prerequisites. If demonstrated skills do not match the skill level for the class in which a participant is registered, the instructor will assign the student to the class that best matches the demonstrated skill level. Please remember that the new class may be full or meet at a different time than the class in which the student was originally enrolled. University Recreation reserves the right to combine or cancel classes not meeting the minimum enrollment of three students.

Swimming Lesson Class Overview

  1. Parent/Child Swimming Lessons (ages 6 months–3 years)
    American Red Cross Parent and Child Aquatics builds swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water.  Parents and children participate in several guided practice sessions that help children learn elementary skills, including water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more. Once children can perform basic skills without parental assistance, they may begin Learn-to-Swim courses.
  2. Preschool Swimming Lessons (ages 4–5)
    Divided into three levels (taught simultaneously based on enrollment), Preschools Swimming Lessons offer children an orientation to the aquatic environment and help them to acquire basic levels of aquatic skills. Children will progress from skills with full support to the final stage where they can float independently for 5 seconds, roll to their back, and float for 5 seconds, then return to a vertical position.  Children in the final stage will also be able to swim using combined arm and leg actions for 5 body lengths, roll to their back, float for 15 seconds, and then roll to their front and continue swimming for 5 body lengths. 
  3. Learn to Swim Lessons (ages 6 and older)
    The Learn to Swim Program follows the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim curriculum for children ages 6 years and older. Progression through each of the levels in the Learn to Swim Program is based on individual skill development and mastery. Successful completion of all skills is necessary for advancement to the next level. UREC recommends approximately one year of consecutive sessions of instruction to successfully complete all of the skills in a level.
    • Level 1
      Introduction to Water Skills: helps students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. Students will work to gain confidence and submerge their face in the water. They will also practice assisted floating and kicking.
      There is no prerequisite for this level.
    • Level 2
      Fundamental Aquatic Skills: gives students success with fundamental skills. This level places emphasis on unassisted floating and swimming on the front and back.
      Prerequisite: Participants should be able to bob three times to chin level, enter and exit the water safely without assistance, be comfortable placing the face underwater, and be able to float on front and back for at least 3 seconds with support.
    • Level 3
      Stroke Development: builds on the skills in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice. Students will work to further coordinate front crawl and elementary back strokes. They will also be introduced to diving, treading water, scissors kick, and the butterfly kick.
      Prerequisite: Unassisted transition to front and back float for five seconds, unassisted push off and swim for 5 body lengths, roll to back, float for 15 seconds, and then swim 5 more body lengths using a combination of leg and arm action on front.
    • Level 4
      Stroke Improvement: develops confidence in the strokes learned and to improve other aquatic skills. This level introduces the breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly and open turns.
      Prerequisite: Jump into deep water from the side, swim front crawl for 15 yards, maintain position by treading or floating for 30 seconds, and then swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.
    • Level 5
      Stroke Refinement: develops performance of all 6 strokes and increases their distances. Flip turns are introduced.
      Prerequisite: Jump into deep water from the side, swim front crawl for 25 yards, change direction and then swim elementary backstroke for 25 yards. And swim breaststroke for 15 yards, change direction and swim back crawl for 15 yards.

During Classes

We are happy to have parents, friends and family observe our swimming lessons from the benches on the pool deck. We ask that parents refrain from interrupting lessons, or coming over to talk to their children during lessons, as it can be distracting to the class as well as difficult for the child to adapt to their teacher as an authority figure. Please use the five minute discussion time to talk to your child’s instructor about their progress, or ask the Assistant Director for assistance.

Missed Classes

We cannot credit or pro-rate missed classes. To be fair and consistent to all participants and the instructors, missed classes are unable to be rescheduled, unless the class is canceled or postponed by University Recreation.


You may withdraw from a class prior to the registration deadline and we will gladly credit you for a future session. If you must withdraw from a class after the start of a session, a credit will only be given with written confirmation of a medical condition that prohibits participation in the class. We are unable to issue refunds of any kind.

more information

  • For more information about swimming lessons, email  University Recreation or call the UREC Office at 325-942-2034.
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