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University Recreation Frequently Asked Questions

Facility Use

  • What do I need to be able to utilize the CHP facilities?

    Currently enrolled students may utilize all CHP facilities including all UREC Programming with your ASU One Card or utilizing the biometric hand scan.

    Faculty/Staff must purchase a UREC Pass to be able to utilize the CHP facilities and UREC Programming.

    Alumni and community members may purchase a membership through a Foundation Group.

  • How many guest/s can a currently enrolled student bring?

    A student can bring one free guest per day and 3 paid guests for $5 each per day for facility access only.

  • Where can I purchase a Guest Pass?

    Guest Passes will be sold Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the UREC Office 325-942-2034 in the Center for Human Performance.

  • Do my guest/s get to participate in UREC Programming (i.e. Outdoor Adventures including climbing gym and kayak check-out, intramural sports, and fitness classes)?

    Students and Faculty/Staff UREC Pass holders have access to all UREC Programming: climbing gym, kayak check-out, intramural sports and fitness classes.

    Students’ and Faculty/Staff UREC Pass holders’ guests along with ASU Foundation Group members and their guests have access to the climbing gym, kayak check-out and fitness classes programming.

  • Who is eligible to use the Climbing Gym?

    Currently enrolled students may utilize the Climbing Gym during general operational hours.

    Faculty/Staff who are UREC Pass holders may utilize the Climbing Gym during general operational hours.

    ASU Foundation Group members have an option to purchase a $100 Outdoor Adventures Program Pass/year.

  • What are the hours of operation for the CHP facilities?

    The hours of operation for the CHP facilities may be viewed on the UREC Hours of Operations web page.

  • How do we make facility reservations?

    For the gym/dance studio/pool/intramural fields reservations, you have to complete and submit an online facilities request form using the ASU Reservations online system that can be found on your RamPort or contact Special Events at 325-942-2021.

  • Are you open during holidays and breaks?

    We are open during breaks. Break hours can be found on our Hours of Operation page.

    Holiday closures of the facility vary year to year. Please check our Hours of Operation page for updates.


  • What fitness classes do you offer?

    View the different fitness classes we offer each semester and each class description.

  • What kinds of classes are right for me?

    We offer a variety of classes to meet all fitness levels. Instructors are specially trained to modify every exercise in such a way that it allows both novice and expert participants to get the most from every workout.

  • What is the schedule and location of each class?

    View each class schedule and location.

  • Do I need to register for a class?

    Currently enrolled students do not need to register for any of the fitness classes we offer. Just show up with your ASU ID.

    Faculty/Staff who purchased a UREC Pass must purchase a $75 Fitness Program Pass to participate in Fitness Classes.

    ASU Foundation members must purchase a $100 Fitness Program Pass to participate in Fitness Classes.

  • Can I bring a guest to participate in the Fitness Classes?

    Fitness Classes are included in UREC Programming.

    Students, Faculty/Staff UREC Pass holders and ASU Foundation Group members who have purchased a Program Pass may purchase a Day Program Pass for $15 per guest per day.

  • Is it open to non-ASU students, faculty and staff?

    Fitness Classes are available for currently enrolled students, Faculty/StaffUREC Pass holders and ASU Foundation members who purchased a Fitness Program Pass.

  • What should I wear to a fitness class?

    Wear comfortable shoes such as tennis shoes, a comfortable top, and pair of pants or shorts. Flip flops, boots, and denim are not allowed!

  • Can I bring a drink inside the class?

    Yes! Water or an energy drink is highly encouraged. It will keep you hydrated!

  • I have never taken fitness classes before, how do I start?

    Just show up! Each fitness class is designed to meet the individual needs of its participants. Modifications are shown in each class so participants can work out on a level in which they feel comfortable.

  • How long are the classes?

    Classes may run anywhere from 30 min. to 55 min. Please check the Ram X fitness schedule for the length of specific classes.

Intramural and Extramural Sports

  • What are intramural sports?

    Intramurals are competitive yet fun individual, dual and team sports, such as flag football, table tennis, badminton, kickball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, racquetball, tennis, sand volleyball, softball and golf.  Teams compete against each other within the ASU community. Divisions include men’s, women’s, co-recreational and open.

  • Is there a cost?
    • Currently enrolled students can sign up a team for FREE if a representative attends the registration meeting. If your team misses the registration meeting, it must pay a $30 fee BEFORE 5 p.m. on the day after the registration meeting to enter the league.
    • Faculty/Staff who purchased a UREC Pass may participate in Intramural Sports.
  • Where do I sign up?

    Registration meetings are held in the Center for Human Performance, Room 203. Fliers are posted at the CHP and around campus at least two weeks before the meeting for each sport.

  • Who can play intramural sports?

    Only currently enrolled students and Faculty/Staff who purchased UREC Pass can play Intramural Sports.

  • How many players do I need for the team?

    The number of players required for a team varies depending on the sport. Information on the minimum number of players required can be found in the Sport Rules. To avoid a forfeit, you must have the minimum number of players present at game time.

  • What if my team cannot play a scheduled game?

    Call the UREC Office at 325-942-2034 at least 12 hours in advance to cancel a game. If your team does not show up and does not call, a $30 forfeit fee must be paid within 48 hours of the next scheduled game to reinstate the team.

  • What if we are scheduled to play and the weather is bad?

    We will make a decision at 3 p.m. whether to cancel games due to inclement weather. You can call the UREC Office after 3 p.m. for information about cancellations. We will play in all types of conditions that are not deemed dangerous or pose a safety concern.

  • Can I play on more than one team?

    Yes. You can play on multiple teams as long as they are not in the same division.

  • Do I need a team to play?

    No. We can put you on the Free Agents List and team captains who are looking for players may select anyone from that list. Free agents may also create their own team.

  • When and where are the brackets and results posted?

    The brackets are posted at noon on the Friday before the games begin. You can find them at the official intramural posting site that is on the bulletin board in the CHP hallway. Results are updated regularly on this bulletin board.

  • How long does the season last?

    In team sports, each team is scheduled to play four games per regular season. Once the season is over, all teams will advance to a single-elimination tournament.

  • Where are the games played?

    Intramural games are played at the intramural complex on Jackson Street (across from Texan Hall) or in the CHP gym.

  • When a game is canceled due to bad weather, is it rescheduled?

    Regular season games are not re-scheduled. However, playoff games will be rescheduled.

  • If I win, what do I get?

    Winners get an intramural champion T-shirt and their photos are taken and posted on the Champions Wall in the CHP hallway.

  • How can my team qualify for extramurals, the program that allows us to travel off campus and compete against other universities?

    All team members are required to meet these criteria:

    • Must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at ASU.
    • Must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and be in good standing with the university.
    • Must not have been ejected during that sports season.
    • Must not have demonstrated repetitive unsportsmanlike behavior in any intramural sports activity.
  • Can I work for intramurals?

    Most definitely. We are always looking for great officials to referee our events and scorekeepers to keep score. There are training sessions for officials before each of the team sports begins.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Can I take non-ASU affiliated guests to the lake house?

    ASU students and Activity Card holders are allowed to have up to four guests with them.

  • Who is eligible to check-out and use kayaks?

    Please read the Guidelines for Kayak Check-out here.

  • Who is eligible to register for an Outdoor Trip?

    Only currently enrolled students may register for Outdoor Trips. For guidelines for trip registration visit Outdoor Trips.

  • How do I register for an Outdoor Trip?

    To register, stop by CHP Room 112 during normal business hours, complete a registration form, and provide payment in the form of cash/check (made payable to: Angelo State University). For more information on what types of trips are offered go to Outdoor Trips.

  • I have never been backpacking or camping before; do I need any experience or skill to go on the trips?

    Outdoor Adventures’ trips are offered to all ASU students regardless of experience level. Students are welcome whether they are experts or first-timers.

  • What is an Educational Clinic?

    Educational Clinics are detailed training sessions and workshops where participants can get firsthand knowledge about skills, tips, and techniques for different outdoor activities. More information on which clinics are offered by Outdoor Adventures.

  • How can I register for an Educational Clinic?

    To register, call UREC office at 942-2034 or stop by CHP Room 112 during normal business hours and complete a registration form.

  • I do not have my own equipment for the Outdoor Trips; is equipment provided?

    All necessary, technical equipment is provided for all trips unless otherwise stated.  Bikes and helmets are provided for mountain biking trips, camping gear and tents are provided for the camping and backpacking trips. Food is also provided for overnight trips unless otherwise noted.

  • Can I rent any of the equipment to use for my own trips?

    Yes, for more information please visit Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental.

  • Where can I find more information about Outdoor Adventures?

    A great starting place is Outdoor Adventures’ new homepage.  However, if you are unable to find what you are looking for on the UREC website, feel free to call the UREC Office at 325-942-2034 or email us.

General UREC Questions

  • Are there any jobs/positions available within University Recreation?

    University Recreation accepts student employment applications throughout the year. Please visit our positions page for more information on the available positions, or to fill out an online application.

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