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Applying for Study Abroad


  • Applying

    Application Instructions

    Apply for all study abroad programs in RamPort:

    • Log on to RamPort
    • Choose Rams icon
    • Select Study Abroad
    • Choose your program


    Once you have applied for your program, you must submit an essay. Your essay should describe your goals and objectives and the reasons why you would like to participate in your selected study abroad program. The essay should be more than 4,000 characters but no more than 5,000 characters.

    To submit your essay, go back to Rams, choose Study Abroad and click on Study Abroad Status. There you will see a selection titled Essay and the option to submit now. Please note that you can copy your essay into the application area, but if it is longer than space allows, your essay will be cut short, so please remember to make sure it is complete.

    Once your essay is submitted, you will be contacted for an interview by the program director.

  • Deadlines

    Application Deadlines

    Note: If you are chosen for a program, you will be contacted by the Center for International Studies director for a personal interview shortly after the application deadline.

  • Eligibility

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for an ASU study abroad program, students must meet these requirements:

    Undergraduate Students

    Must have:

    • Completed a cumulative 24 hours of course work in residence or by transfer at the time of application.  Dual credit hours are not defined as in residence or transfer hours.

    • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application

    Graduate Students

    • Current students must have a 3.0 GPA
    • Newly accepted students must have a 2.5 undergraduate GPA
  • Expectations

    Academic Expectations

    Angelo State University expects study abroad participants to perform academically at standards commensurate with on-campus performance. This includes attending class, taking exams, reading required materials, completing homework, etc. If you are not maintaining good academic standing while abroad and fear that you may fail one or more courses, you can notify the on-site director or leader. Obtaining a GPA lower than 2.0 for individual courses will result in no academic credit awarded. In some cases your grades will impact your GPA at ASU.

    Most instruction in short-term programs is done in English by ASU faculty who accompany the program. Semester-long program courses are taught in English by local faculty, and those that have a foreign language requirement are taught in the local language.

    If you intend to study abroad for an additional semester (beyond your original program), it is your responsibility to contact the CIS and your academic advisor to determine whether this is academically appropriate and what steps may need to be taken.

    Enrollment While Abroad

    Students remain enrolled at ASU while studying abroad and can receive financial aid, including scholarships and federal assistance. Students accepted to any study abroad program may also receive an International Studies Scholarship, with the amount being determined each year. All students participating in yearlong and semester-long programs must enroll for a minimum of 12 credits per semester, or the minimum number specified.

    Course Information

    There are two types of ASU study abroad programs: “faculty-led” and “semester partnerships.”

    Faculty-led Programs

    Faculty-led programs have an accompanying ASU program director who coordinates all academic and administrative arrangements on site.

    On faculty-led programs, your academic performance is graded by the accompanying ASU program director. You must contact your program director and your academic advisor to ensure that the classes you intend to take abroad meet your graduation requirements. Courses offered are usually based on the number of students enrolled, and low enrollment numbers may result in the cancellation of courses.

    Excursions are an integral and academic part of many programs and should not be viewed as tourist outings. You cannot receive a refund for excursions that you do not attend.

    You will enroll in your study abroad courses in the same manner that you enroll in on-campus courses. All other course enrollment procedures are consistent with those on campus, including deadlines. Course numbers will be provided to you by your program director. If you are unable to complete enrollment, it is likely that you have a hold on your account and should contact the appropriate ASU office regarding your hold.

    Semester Partnership Programs

    Partnership programs do not have accompanying ASU program directors. They involve direct enrollment in a host institution abroad in classes offered by an ASU partner university.

    For semester abroad courses, the CIS will register you for a fixed number of block credits and you will be financially responsible for paying tuition for that minimum number of credits.

    Credit earned for certain courses in ASU partnership programs is awarded as regular ASU credit, rather than transfer course credit. This allows such credit to be listed on the ASU transcript using the course title from abroad, as well as grades earned, converted into the equivalent ASU grade. In this case, all grades are posted, including those below the equivalent of 2.0. Grades earned in these courses will become part of your ASU GPA.

    If you will be earning additional credits beyond the minimum program credits (such as ASU independent study or online credits), you must register for the actual departmental course in which you will receive the credit. 

Student Scholars Program

This program promotes and encourages student participation in international research opportunities and provides travel funding for international conferences, meetings and internships.

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