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Bachelor of Social Work - Online

Completing your Bachelor of Social Work at Angelo State University has never been more convenient! We are excited to offer our students a fully online option, available to core-complete students.

Once you declare Social Work as your major, you will be placed in a “Pre-Social Work” status. Pre-Social Work prepares you to transfer into the Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) program.

Our Social Work student handbook helps Pre-Social Work students and B.S.W. majors understand the rules and guidelines of the Social Work Program at Angelo State.

  • Admission Requirements to the B.S.W. Online Program
    Transferring into the B.S.W. program will be seamless when you complete following admission requirements in course 2307, Introduction of Social Work:
    • A “C” or better in SWK 2307 (Introduction of Social Work);
    • A completed resume;
    • 20 clock hours of volunteer experience;
    • A personal narrative;

    Cohorts begin in the fall semester. SWK 2307 is offered during the first summer session as an online course so you may begin immediately in the fall if you are core complete.

    Remaining B.S.W. program requirements:
    • At least 30 semester hours if completed college work;
    • Completion of core education curriculum;
    • A 2.00 GPA on college work taken at ASU;
    • A 2.50 GPA on any previously taken social work courses;
  • Field Education Requirements

    You will be required to complete field education before successfully graduating from the program. Field education gives you the opportunity to apply your social work knowledge, skills and values learned in the classroom to real-life situations with clients in the field.

    You will be able to complete field education at or near your residence.

  • For More Information

    If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Dr. Thomas Starkey at

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