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Summer Virtual Physics Workshop


Physics is a subject that underpins much of modern society, but it is often avoided by students due to the perception that it is too difficult. This situation is not helped when teachers, who often specialized in other branches of science, are asked to teach physics but feel underprepared to do so.

The Physics and Geosciences Department at Angelo State University worked for many years with teachers through Texas Teacher Quality Grants to improve the content knowledge and pedagogy in the teaching of physics. With the support of Halliburton, we are again able to provide physics teacher training through the Education Service Centers in West Texas.


This workshop is a one-day online tour of several important topics in physics.

In the morning hours, the workshop focuses on the two most important topics from mechanics – forces and energy. These are explored through problem solving and hands-on activities.

Next, the workshop covers two important concepts from E&M (Electricity and Magnetism) – charge/electric forces, and magnetic fields/forces. Again, these will be explored by solving problems and performing laboratory activities.

Participants will receive a box of (thoroughly cleaned) supplies needed to complete the activities. These presentations, problems, and activities are designed both for teachers just beginning to teach physics, and for experienced teachers wanting a physics refresher.

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