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Course Standards for the College of Science and Engineering

Course standards provide guidance for new and existing courses and ensure that we are delivering a quality education to our students. Please use the references listed on this page to help focus your work.

  • Syllabus and Vita Requirements

    To provide consistency in course offerings, Texas Administrative Code 4.227 outlines requirements for curriculum vitae and syllabi. Review the presentation below to get more details about what to include in your documents.

    You can also download and print this Syllabus and Vita Handout for quick reference.

    Syllabus Statements

    ASU also has a number of policy statements that are required for your syllabus. Read Operating Policy 06.14 for more information and refer to the Syllabus Statements Page to copy and paste the text into your syllabus.

    Posting Your Syllabus and Vita

    All ASU faculty are required to post a curriculum vita and syllabus in Blackboard for each class that they teach. You will use the CV and Syllabus tool built into your course template. Refer to eLearning’s CV and Syllabus upload instructions for help.

    Core Curriculum

    Are you teaching a core course? In addition to following any guidelines outlined by your department, you’ll need to review these ASU Core Curriculum Syllabus Guidelines.

  • Online Course Standards

    The college’s Instructional Technology Advisory Committee is working to develop online course standards for faculty. Once those standards are finalized and approved, they will be available here.

    In the mean time, contact the Instructional Technology Office if you are looking for standards and best practices to follow. You can gain access to several industry-known instructional design rubrics and checklists.

  • New Course Development Resources

    Are you designing a new course that has never been taught at ASU before? The Instructional Technology Office has developed this New Course Development Guide to help you get started.

    Creating a brand-new course can be challenging. We encourage you to schedule an instructional design consultation to help you set yourself up for success.

  • Accessibility Checklist

    Need some help ensuring that your course content and instructional materials are accessible for students with disabilities? Here’s a quick Digital Accessibility Checklist developed for the College of Science and Engineering to help you self-check your work.

    While the checklist provides you with a brief overview, meeting accessibility standards can be complex. If you need help making your content accessible, contact the Instructional Technology Office.

    Do you have instructional videos that need captioning? Complete the Video Captioning Request Form and you will be contacted regarding your video project.

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