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  • Screenshot from Quick Tips presentation

    Quick Tips Follow Up for Accessible CV and Syllabus [Video]

    To follow up on all the great work this spring from faculty in our college, I put together this short video presentation with a few quick tips that are especially relevant to CV and syllabuses. There are so many things to remember regarding ta...

  • Watch this video to learn about how to use the Accessibility Report in Adobe Acrobat.

    Creating an Accessible Syllabus and CV, Part 2 [Video]

    All right, so if you’ve made it this far, you should have a Word document that has been prepped for PDF conversion. I will briefly outline a few tips for exporting your document, but then we’ll go over how to interpret your accessibility repor...

  • Watch this video to learn about how you can prep your Microsoft Word document to convert to PDF.

    Creating an Accessible Syllabus and CV, Part 1 [Video]

    Think of all the bazillions of different things you can do in a Word document. The options are limitless. But because we have that freedom, we don’t have an option for easily converting all documents to accessible formats. It’s important t...

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