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  • Using Explanation in Assessments

    As I’m sure you’ve all experienced this spring, sometimes there isn’t a perfect online equivalent for all of the things you were doing in the classroom. This can be especially challenging with STEM courses, where we rely on labs and othe...

  • 8 Values That Make Your Course Content Engaging

    Walk down any faculty hallway on campus and you’ll hear echoes of the same questions: Why don’t students get engaged in courses that feature topics that certainly have engaged us as teachers? And how do you catch the interest of your s...

  • Student groups competed this past fall to be the first to complete the Black Box Challenge test review in Dr. Anthony Battistini’s civil engineering structural analysis course.

    A Fun Twist on Test Reviews

    When Dr. Anthony Battistini, assistant professor of engineering, was selected as a CREEME faculty fellow last year, he was tasked with redesigning one of his courses to add an element of cultural responsiveness and cultural relevancy. 31959200...

  • Intro videos don’t have to be scary (but you might have fun trying to make them that way).

    Create a Welcome Video for Online Courses

    Anytime I’m meeting with a faculty member to discuss a new online course, I almost always end our first conversation the same way: “Oh, and we’ll want to create an intro video for the course, and I think you should be on camera.” M...

  • Dr. Saravanan Ramasamy talks about how he prepares for chemistry lectures.

    Preparing Lectures with Doceri [Videos]

    When Dr. Saravanan Ramasamy, assistant professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, invited me to observe one of his organic chemistry lectures, I was interested in seeing his classroom technology in action. What I observed was so m...

  • Students complete Blackboard quizzes that use calculated formulas.

    Q&A: Creating Blackboard Tests Using Calculated Formulas

    33976200250 Because ASU now offers a minor in astronomy, Assistant Professor Dr. Kenneth Carrell knew it was time to bump up the requirements. He added some mathematical equations to his introductory course, PHYS 1303 Fundamentals of Astro...

  • Dr. Connie Heimann discusses how she uses Top Hat in the classroom.

    Using Top Hat For Student Engagement [Video]

    A growing number of faculty in our college have adopted a product called Top Hat for use in the classroom. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Top Hat, the product allows students to use their cell phones as classroom clickers to answe...

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