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  • 8 Values That Make Your Course Content Engaging

    Walk down any faculty hallway on campus and you’ll hear echoes of the same questions: Why don’t students get engaged in courses that feature topics that certainly have engaged us as teachers? And how do you catch the interest of your s...

  • Student groups competed this past fall to be the first to complete the Black Box Challenge test review in Dr. Anthony Battistini’s civil engineering structural analysis course.

    A Fun Twist on Test Reviews

    When Dr. Anthony Battistini, assistant professor of engineering, was selected as a CREEME faculty fellow last year, he was tasked with redesigning one of his courses to add an element of cultural responsiveness and cultural relevancy. 31959200...

  • ASU students work together on a think-pair-share activity.

    4 Active Learning Strategies to Try Today

    Time to breathe easy. We’ve reached that point in the semester where everyone knows the routine and hopefully has a good sense of student and faculty expectations. But you know what else? We’ve also hit a lull. Do your students have that g...

  • Students gather around a computer to read feedback from a professor.

    Assess Yourself with a Communication Audit

    I have a confession: I love things like communication audits. I know it sounds about as much fun as a trip to the dentist, but hear me out. So much of your students’ success and your success as an instructor is dependent on communication...

  • Intro videos don’t have to be scary (but you might have fun trying to make them that way).

    Create a Welcome Video for Online Courses

    Anytime I’m meeting with a faculty member to discuss a new online course, I almost always end our first conversation the same way: “Oh, and we’ll want to create an intro video for the course, and I think you should be on camera.” M...

  • A student participates in an online discussion board.

    Facilitate Better Online Discussions

    Discussion boards can be a great tool to add depth to your course and allow students to learn from each other. So why do discussion boards turn into a grading nightmare and a chore to read for so many faculty? Because it’s easy for discussio...

  • Dr. Micheal Salisbury helps a student at the ASU Ranch during an agriculture class.

    Revising a Course to Improve Student Engagement

    First, the bad news: There is no cure-all to improve student engagement. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw up your hands in despair and give up. Student engagement is complex, with several factors that can contribute to your efforts...

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