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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Moving In Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about moving into your room on-campus. The answers here reflect current University or Housing Policy but are subject to adaptation or changes based on the changing climate of higher education and the needs of our residents.

    • When can I check in to my residence hall?

      Currently, to check in, simply go to the front desk of the residence hall to which you have been assigned. You will then be given instructions on completing the check-in process.

    • What types of appliances can I bring?

      All residence hall rooms have a micro-fridge unit. The micro-fridge is a combination microwave/refrigerator/freezer unit. No additional appliances for food preparation – toaster ovens, hot plates, sandwich grills, George Foreman grills, etc. – are permitted.

      Students are allowed to bring certain appliances, such as hair dryers, air popcorn poppers, computers, TVs and audio listening devices. If you have any questions about a particular appliance, please contact your hall staff or the Housing & Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035.

    • Can I bring my own furniture?

      Your residence hall room or apartment is fully furnished. You may not remove or disassemble any of the furniture that is in place.

      You may bring a few additional items if space permits. If you have a documented medical condition that may require special accommodation, including furniture change, please contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035, to discuss options.

    • Can I bring candles or incense?

      No. Objects that produce excessive heat, have an open flame, or smolder (i.e. candles, incense or halogen lights) constitute a serious risk for fire and are strictly prohibited in the residence halls and apartments.

    • What if I need to check in early?

      Early check-in is permitted for students who are required to come early to participate in university-sponsored programs, such as athletics, student government, sorority recruitment, employment, band, Housing & Residential Programs staff, etc.

      You may be subject to a $25 per night early move-in (break housing) charge. Please contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office to make arrangements if you think you will need authorization to move in early.

      The early move-in charge is waived for students who maintain continuous occupancy, that is, if they live on campus in the semester or term immediately preceding the break and will be living on campus in the semester or term immediately following the break.

    • I plan to live off campus while I attend ASU. Do I need to let you know?

      Yes! Angelo State University has a Housing Policy that requires many students to live on campus for the first two semesters. To live off campus, you must meet exemption criteria or have been formally approved for exemption from the housing policy.

      A hold will remain on your registration until you have let us know about your living plans. This goes for new as well as returning students. For more information on ASU’s housing policy and the exemption process, go to our Housing Requirements & Exemptions Page, or contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office.

    • Who do I contact if I still have questions?

      Please contact the Housing & Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035 if you have questions. You may also send us a fax at 325-942-2239, or email us at We are located in Centennial Village near the “tower” entrance.

      Our mailing address is:
      ASU Housing & Residential Programs Office
      ASU Station #11016
      San Angelo, TX 76909-1016

  • Basic On-Campus Living Questions

    Here are some commonly asked questions about general on-campus living. The answers here reflect current University or Housing Policy but are subject to adaptation or changes based on the changing climate of higher education and the needs of our residents.

    • How do I apply for housing?

      Before you apply for housing, you need to apply for admission to ASU and receive your campus ID (CID) number. After you have your CID, you can apply for housing online.

      You will be asked to pay the $100 non-refundable housing application fee during the on-line application process.

      At the end of the online application process, print out the Confirmation Documents. These documents contain important information about your housing agreement as well as information about the next steps in the process—choosing a room and/or roommate.

    • Application Fee

      Here is the breakdown of the Non-Refundable Application Fees

      All New Students Application Fee = $100.00

      Applications for all new students for the Fall 2021 Academic Year opens October 1, 2020.

      Renewal Students Application Fee = $100.00

      Current Residents Renewal period opens early in the Spring Semester.

      Summer Students
      Summer Application Fee Summer I & II = $50.00
      Summer Application Fee Summer I Only = $50.00
      Summer Application Fee Summer II Only = $50.00

      All Summer Students pay an additional Summer Housing Application Fee

    • How much does it cost to live on campus?

      Cost varies somewhat by building and meal plan choice. Please visit the rate sheet for more details. We encourage you to carefully consider your budget when weighing your housing choices.

      Living on campus offers you a great value for your money by including in one convenient package (and location), many services that other places “cap” or charge extra for. In addition to a great place to live, when you live on campus you get services that aren’t offered anywhere else, including convenient access to campus services, faculty and staff—resources that are here to help you succeed! We offer hundreds of programs and events that entertain but also help you get to know other students and learn new skills. Student and professional staff live in all the areas to provide 24/7/365 assistance and support.

      When you live on campus, the university isn’t just where you attend class. It’s your neighborhood! It’s way more than just a place to live!

    • Where do I get my meal card and building access card?

      Your ASU ID, the OneCard, is not only your official university identification, it is your meal plan card, card access device, library card and “ticket” to recreational facilities and sporting events. For more information, contact the OneCard Office at 325-942-2331 or visit their office in the General Services Building.

    • Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

      As a general rule, no. For a complete explanation of the university’s alcohol policy, please refer to the Residence Hall Handbook and the ASU Student Handbook. We do not encourage the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in any of our residential facilities.

      However, we recognize that students who are of legal age to possess and consume alcoholic beverages may want to do so. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in the individual rooms at Vanderventer Apartments, provided that ALL the occupants and guests are of legal age.

      In addition, there are restrictions as to quantity of alcohol, number of people allowed to be present, associated behaviors, etc. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in all other residence halls is prohibited, regardless of the residents’ ages. Please note that ASU police officers enforce a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking anywhere on campus.

    • Can I have a pet?

      Due to the need for tight controls in the areas of health and sanitation as well as concern for the welfare of animals, pets are not allowed in any of the residential areas. This applies to guests as well as residents.

       You may keep a small aquarium of fish in your room. Aquariums cannot exceed 20 gallons in volume.

       Service animals are not pets, and in accordance with ADA regulations, are permitted in the residential facilities. If you anticipate bringing a certified service animal to campus, please contact our office in advance so that we can work with you to meet your specific assignment needs. Information about the university’s policy regarding service animals may be obtained from the Student Disability Services Office.

    • Can I have a private room?

      All bedrooms in Centennial Village and Texan Hall are private rooms, together, they account for approximately 50 percent of the rooms on campus.

      After the semester starts, if Texan and Centennial buildings are full and there is space available in other buildings, rooms that are normally double rooms may be offered as private/single rooms.

      Students requesting and accepting assignment to a private room should pay special attention to the additional cost associated with private rooms. Changes to your room assignment can affect your student bill. Please check your student account and be prepared to pay any additional room charges at the time that you accept the private room.

    • Can I smoke or vape in my room or hall?

      No. All residential facilities on the ASU campus are designated “tobacco free.” As such, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited in the individual rooms, lobbies and other community areas. Smoking and vaping outside of campus buildings, including residential facilities, is not permitted within 50 feet of the entrance.

    • How do I get mail at my residence hall?

      All students who live on campus are required to have a post office box on campus. 

      As a convenience to our students, you don’t have to change post office boxes/addresses if you move to a different residence hall or room. You will have the opportunity to keep the same post office box for as long as you live in campus!

      You will be issued your post office box key at Mail Services (Post Office). If you lose your key during the year, please report it to the mail services staff so they can get a new key for you. The charge for a new key will be placed on your student account.

      You will pick up your mail, packages, etc. at Mail Services (Post Office) located on the first floor of the University Center near the tower. Mail, packages (including FedEX, UPS, etc.) will NOT be delivered to the residence halls.

      Please check your campus post office box frequently for important updates and notices! Please report any problems with your mail directly to the helpful staff at Mail Services.

    • Why should I consider renters or personal property insurance?

      ASU assumes no financial responsibility for loss or damage to personal items. We STRONGLY encourage you to carry renter’s insurance or see if you are covered under your parent’s homeowner’s policy. Renter’s insurance is typically inexpensive and in the event of a problem, it is well worth the cost. Information about renters insurance specifically for college students living both on and off campus is listed on the For Parents section of our website.

      We work closely with our maintenance staff to keep our facilities in good working order. However, no system is without the potential for problems.

      While we have a great record for safety and security, residence halls are like any other community and, unfortunately, thefts, vandalism and accidents occasionally occur. Most of these incidents are crimes of opportunity (doors/cars left unlocked, propped open doors, items left unattended or out in the open, etc.). Abiding by Housing & Residential Programs and university policies by locking doors, securing valuables and reporting suspicious situations to the police or hall staff is the best preventive measure and can go a long way toward protecting you and your belongings.

    • Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures

      The safety and security of our residents is a major priority not only for our department but also for the University.  Here are some helpful links to assist you in knowing what to do in an emergency situation.

      Campus Emergency Procedures

      University Police Department’s Frequently Asked Questions

      ASU Alert

  • New Student Information

    Here are some commonly asked questions about roommate request, contacting roommates and roommate issues. The answers here reflect current University or Housing Policy but are subject to adaptation or changes based on the changing climate of higher education and the needs of our residents.

    • How do I apply for housing on campus?
      1. Apply for admission to ASU. Get your username and password.
      2. Visit our webpage to Apply Online for housing at ASU. You can apply for the 2021-2022 academic year starting October 1st, 2020.
      3. You will be asked to submit your $100.00 non-refundable Housing application fee during the apply on-line process. Payment on-line may be via electronic check, credit or debit card.
    • I applied for admission to ASU. Does that reserve a room for me on campus?

      No. Since not every student who attends ASU needs housing on campus, applying for housing is separate from applying for admission to ASU.

      Before you apply for housing, you should first apply for admission to ASU. After admissions receives your application, you will be issued a username and password. You will need this information to Apply On-Line.

      After you have applied for housing, if your plans to attend ASU change, you must submit a written request to cancel your housing reservation. The cancellation deadline for the academic year is August 15th.

      Please note that requesting cancellation of your academic year contract is NOT the same process as requesting an Exemption to the University’s Housing Policy. There may be financial consequences associated with late contract cancellation, so please contact our office to discuss your situation if you are thinking about requesting cancellation.

    • When I applied online, I listed a specific hall as my building preference. Does that mean I will be assigned there?

      Not necessarily. Your housing application is for a SPACE on campus, it is NOT for a specific building or area.

      When you apply online and through the MyHousing interface, you will be asked to list up to three building preferences. As with roommate requests, the automated system will take your preferences into consideration when assignments are made. Please be aware that current residential students are given first choice of room and building assignments during their spring renewal (re-application) process. Assignments for new students are made after the renewal process. Also, please know that listing the same building more than once will not improve your chances of being assigned to that building and may in fact limit your options by not letting us know what your alternate preferences are in the event that your first choice is full.

    • Which buildings can first-year students live in?

      In support of the university’s Freshman College, there will be clusters within most residential buildings designated as primarily first-year housing options. These include Texan Hall, Plaza Verde, Robert and Mary Massie, Centennial Village, and Carr Hall.  First-year students, who are part of the university’s Honors program, may request assignment to the Honors area of Texan Hall.

      The Vanderventer Apartments will be set aside for priority assignment to sophomore and above students. 

      Enhanced programming, events and workshops designed to help you succeed in your first-year at ASU are offered in the designated “first-year” housing options.

    • Which building(s) do the athletes live in?

      We don’t have a designated housing building or floor for athletes. Our student-athletes, like all of our students, are assigned based on preferences and space availability. You will find varsity athletes living in several residence halls on campus.

    • Can I choose my roommate, or will one be assigned to me?

      I have a Specific Person I want to be Roommates with…

      If you have a specific person in mind to be your roommate(s), you will have the opportunity to request them through MyHousing.  If both you and your roommate have completed your housing applications within the same timeframe, you can select each other. If you don’t have a specific person(s) in mind, don’t worry; you can search for someone based upon their roommate profile.  If you do not select a roommate, the auto-assign system will attempt to pair you with the best match available based on the information you entered in your personal and room preferences.  A detailed how-to guide is provided here: Roommate Selection Guide.

      I Do Not have a Specific Person I want to be Roommates with…

      If you don’t have a specific person in mind, don’t panic. The majority of our students don’t. With the online system, you will have the opportunity to log in to our website and enter some general information about your room and roommate preferences. You can search for a roommate based upon this information, or let our auto-assignment system pair you up with the best available match.  A detailed how-to guide is provided here: Roommate Selection Guide.

      Helpful Hints…

      We put a lot of effort into providing you as many options as we can, but please understand that it isn’t always possible to honor every request. Please also keep in mind that like all other relationships, roommate relationships are based on a lot of subjective and intangible elements. There just aren’t any guarantees that your roommate situation will be totally conflict-free. In fact, whether you are living with someone you have known for a long time, or someone you have never met, you should expect for there to be some adjustments and compromises involved in making the roommate relationship work. What we can guarantee you is that we will be here to help you work through any roommate issues that may arise.

      Many new students assume that if they have a private room or live with someone they already know, they won’t have roommate or other interpersonal conflicts. This is NOT usually the case! Anytime you share a space with or live in close proximity to others, some differences in habits, preferences, tastes, etc., are going to occur. Most of these conflicts are minor and can pretty easily be resolved. Learning to handle these differences and disputes appropriately is an important part of learning how to deal with future interpersonal conflicts—problems with co-workers, significant others, bosses, neighbors, etc. We understand that this is one of the scariest parts of living on their own for many of our students. You may not feel comfortable or know how to handle these problems because you probably haven’t had to face them before. It’s OK. We can help you learn these skills. Learning these skills can really help build your confidence and help prepare you for “real world” situations. Good communication, an open mind and mutual respect are great places to start. Of course, we can’t help if we don’t know you need it, so please let us know when problems arise.

    • How much will it cost to live on campus?

      Current year rate sheets are available on our web page and in hard copy form at our office in the Centennial Village Office Suite near the tower entrance. We think you will find that our rates are regionally competitive and that a range of affordable options is available.

      We understand that attending college represents a significant financial and personal investment for our students and their families. It is our goal to provide you exceptional value for your money by providing a comprehensive package of quality facilities, amenities, convenience and broad scope of both personal and academic support services that you just can’t find in off-campus housing options.

    • Is my contract just for the fall semester?

      It depends…

      For new students, your housing contract is for an ACADEMIC YEAR (August-May). It is a legally binding contract, so please review it carefully for complete terms and conditions.

      For renewal students, who choose to live on campus for their second year or beyond, your housing contract is for the Fall semester.  It will automatically renew for the Spring semester without any additional action necessary, unless you notify housing of your desire to cancel at semester.  The deadline to cancel is January 10 for the Spring term.

      Contract Cancellation

      Your Housing contract is a legally binding document and as such, it is important that you be aware of important provisions of the contract including financial obligations and provisions related to contract release.

      Students who meet the university requirements to live off campus, will have until August 15th to request contract cancellation (in writing) without penalty for the Fall term.  The deadline for the Spring term is January 10th.

      Students who request cancellation of their Housing Contract will have their request reviewed to determine if they will be released and may be subject to Liquidated Damages Charges.  All application fees are non-refundable.

    • Are there any health or vaccination requirements?

      Students who attend public universities must receive the bacterial meningitis vaccination, or in some cases, show proof of having been vaccinated within the past 5 years. For more information about this change and how it may impact you, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

    • Accessibility Information

      Spaces in Centennial Village, Mary Massie Hall, Robert Massie Hall, Plaza Verde, Texan Hall, and the Vanderventer Apartments have been adapted to meet the needs of students in wheelchairs or who have other forms of physical disabilities. Students who need assignment to one of these facilities due to a disability should notify the Housing and Residential Programs Office as soon as they decide to attend Angelo State.

      Designated handicapped parking spaces are provided in each parking lot serving a university building. Each building has access ramps and an elevator as needed to provide convenient access to all building activities.

      If you encounter any issues regarding the accessibility of programs, services, or facilities, please contact the Disability Services Office at 325-942-2047.

      Follow this link for more Disability Services Information.

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