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Students in an applied psychology graduate program work through one of their assignments.

About the Applied Psychology Graduate Program

  • Program Details

    Online Format

    Our applied psychology program was designed to be completed entirely online, although we would love to meet you if you want to visit campus in person.

    Courses in our counseling psychology and industrial/organizational psychology programs are usually not offered online, but if you are local to the area, you may take these classes face-to-face as electives, if you meet the prerequisites and space permits.

    Undergraduate Degree

    Students with any undergraduate major may apply to the program, but if you have less than 18 hours of undergraduate psychology, you will be required to take PSY 6302 Core Concepts in Psychological Science during your first semester.

    Completing the Program

    On average, students take about two years to complete the program (nine hours each fall and spring). 

    We do have students who do not go full time and take longer and we have students who choose to take summer courses or more than nine hours during the long semesters and get finished quicker.

    Students who want to complete the program in fewer than two years should consult with the program director for advising.

  • Learning From Experts

    All faculty in ASU’s applied psychology graduate program are employed full time by the university and hold PhDs. We like to keep our classes small, usually with no more than 15 students.

    This means that as a student, you’ll get a lot of feedback and interaction from qualified faculty members.

  • Transfer Work

    You may transfer up to nine hours into the program, but only six hours outside of psychology will count toward your degree. For more information, refer to the university catalog and contact the program director.

  • Continuing Your Education

    To help students who want to continue on to doctoral programs, we offer online research opportunities so that you can be competitive applicants. If a doctorate is your goal, please contact the program director before applying to discuss opportunities and make sure we have an appropriate faculty mentor for your needs. 

  • Comprehensive Exam

    To graduate and obtain your degree, you must complete a comprehensive exam that covers material from all the courses you have taken. This online exam is completed during your final semester.

  • Financial Aid

    ASU has many financial aid opportunities for graduate students, including distance education students.

    In addition, we offer graduate assistantships for online students and students who are on campus. Online assistantship applications are due at the middle of each semester for the following semester. On campus assistantship applications are generally due at the end of the spring semester for the following academic year. Contact the program director for more information.

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